Research Paper (Part 2)

Your last essay earn effect your subject in a way that builds on your principal essay, artfulness on the exemplification and recognition you enjoy acquired throughout the semester and nuancing your perspective by unfolding your Nursing essay in tandem after a while a momentous exegesis of the materials you enjoy scrutinyed. Your essay should be 5-6 pages in elongation, double-spaced, 12 sharp-end font, one-inch margins, after a while MLA (or APA) createatted citations and a works cited (or references) page. Your essay should too conceive notes (see under). In evaluating your essay, I earn too be looking to see that, where pertinent, you enjoy incorporated my feedback on your principal drain. Here are the senior elements I earn be looking for: Focus: Your Nursing essay is plainly createal and works as an organizational utensil (after a while each stipulation unfolding your deep fancy in some way). Your Nursing essay too sets the occasion for your essay—a biased Nursing essay allows you to transcribe in profundity environing some facet of your subject. For unfoldment, assimilate the aftercited theses (and, for each one, ask: Could I adequately livelihood or unfold this right in 5-6 pages?).  1) Some mass judge that false is innocuous, but false actually causes a bulky chaffer of mischief. 2) Some mass judge that “white lies” are innocuous, but, when we lie to save the feelings of our friends and cherished ones, we are feeble to use them as the abundantly autonomous mass that they are.  Support: Your last drain should conceive a unfolded exegesis individuality, where you careabundantly and exactly give the authors’ fancys (in a way that reveals your nuanced agreement of their views). Each origin that you conceive should be evidently appropriate to your Nursing essay. You should art your Nursing essay in tally to the materials you’ve scrutinyed, so that their fancys and your fancys create a colloquy. Coherence: Your essay is well-organized, after a while each stipulation evidently unfolding your Nursing essay in some way. I’ll too be looking to see that each stipulation has a hearty subject passage, that you’ve arted transitions betwixt your sharp-ends, and that you’ve disjoined your exegesis from your tribute. Correctness: Your essay should be proofread. And, I’ll be looking to see that you’ve followed the createatting influencelines for MLA or APA—your cherished. Style & Annotation: Your adaptation has benefitted from a obstruct examine of the title of the authors—compose your essay after a while your note bank at your cause. The notes you agree should acceleration influence your reader (me) in agreement how your essay is unconfused and why you made the cherisheds you did. You dominion gard of this disunite as My Scrutiny Paper: Director’s Cut. You are the master portico your auditory “behind the scenes” and revealing how the sorcery works. As you annotate your essay, try to be as patent and as minute as potential in explaining why you made the cherisheds you did, how these cherisheds fit after a while the overarching scheme for your essay, and what goods your cherisheds dominion product for your reader. P.S. This is my professor's feedback:  I was musing by the way you prepared some of the origins you scrutinyed here--these are thrilling findings!  Your Nursing essay should be further exact, so that you can unquestionably go in profundity analyzing one exposure of your subject.    "Internet use affects cognition in ways that are twain wholesome and mischiefful."  "The benefits of the internet outdo its drawbacks."  These rights are too indelicate to hold enough livelihood in 5-6 pages.  Instead, observe colossus affect:  "The internet can enjoy astounding goods on memory--specifically, we are close affectly to mind counsel if we gard we can similarity it succeeding using the internet.  In this way, the internet has behove colossus affect an palpable brain for its users."  You dominion need to do a bit further scrutiny to unfold livelihood for a right affect this--Ng, 2015 is perfect--but the fancy is to enjoy one biased right that is unfolded in bulky point, so that your essay is well-unconfused about one mediate fancy.   Grade: C+ (79/100) Focus: 3 [Topic Development: 3] [Thesis: 3] Support: 4 [Reasoning/Evidence: 3] [Quality of Sources: 5] Coherence: 3 Correctness: 3 *formatting Style: 4  And I am a interpolitical learner, Please use artless promise to transcribe.