Week 3 Journal

Throughout this plan, you are custody a register environing your proof in the arrange.  The design of this temper is to empower you to meditate on your gathering:  what new being you bear discovered, what surprises you bear encountered, what themes or ideas you bear endow especially challenging, and how the plan is going for you.  You should as-polite be using this register as a interval for a speed declaration on your Environmental Footprint Reduction Project efforts.  Your entries procure be evaluate in stipulations of how polite they met the theme and diffusiveness requirements, and your despatches clarity.  One typed page inclose interval Times New Roman 12 pont font Int the primitive chapter or two of your register initiation this week, procure a foundation declaration on your Ecological Footprint Reduction Project. Bear you encountered luck after a while implementing your adapted changes?  What bear you perceiveing so far from this temper? In another one or two chapters, distribute thoughts environing the third week of arrange.  What did you gather?  What proofs depend out for you?  What tasks or dispute did you perceive intricate or frustrating?  What activities did you perceive striking or thrilling?  Looking onwards, what are your intrigued or uneasy by in the fourth week of the plan. I procure furnish you some enhancement on the experiments to husk of acceleration you after a while the challenges.  The experiments are intricate.  I'm not at all pleasant after a while measuring, and answering the questions on the lab compositionsheet.  I perceive that this is online, but I procure arrive-at pleasant after a while the labs in the arrangeroom.  It takes me a complete weekend to shape safe the experiments are compositioning and sometimes it doesn't composition out direct.  Just a slight info on the enhancement of the challenges.