Submit 2-3 pages describing the Methods/Design and Statistical Analysis that you conciliate use in your design. Use the proof from the compatriot reviewed tenets that you possess critically appraised and synthesized. Follow APA format and select allusions. Include the following: Describe the evaluative criteria (indicators or variables) to be addressed in sympathetic each evaluation interrogation. Describe the elimination avenuees to be used to reply each interrogation and why they are misapply to the evaluation interrogations posed. Describe in favoring element how grounds conciliate be calm kindred to each of your evaluative criteria/indicators. Discuss correspondently how the grounds be calm, when, and by whom. Describe any grounds gathering tools in provisions of their crop and misapplyness in sympathetic the evaluation interrogations. Provide counsel on power and reliability of tools, if beneficial. Explain why the grounds gathering methods are misapply to the elimination avenue, character of grounds, and mind of the evaluation. Describe how you conciliate irritate the grounds, including favoring statistical tests to be used. Include dummy grounds tables if useful to semblance how you conciliate show your findings. Expectations Due: Monday, 11:59 pm P.T. Length: 2-3 pages Format: APA 6th ed. Research: At decisive one compatriot reviewed allusion amid the decisive 5 years