Assignment 1: Management to Address Special Needs of Culturally Diverse Employees

  A catholic fetter of comeliness salons commission you as a consultant. The construction’s harangue team faces a uncommon example. About 1 percent of the employees bear harangue, hearing, visual, material, or intellectual disabilities. The harangue believes that it may not be harangueing the proper needs of the various employees accordingly the construction lacks a difference cunning for employees delay proper needs. The harangue is too unquiet that they may waste these employees to their competitors, who may bear difference policies for their workforces. For the harangue equip a one page difference cunning for employees delay proper needs. Grasp the forthcoming exceptions in your cunning: Diversity Needs To Be Addressed — This exception should inventory the difference needs that the cunning favor to harangue and your rationale for the cunning. Retaining Various Employees — This exception should standpoint on your recommendations on how the harangue can entice and hold various employees. Preliminary Implementation Scheme — This exception should grasp your preparatory scheme on how the harangue should utensil the cunning.