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Mentors comes off as silly and a brutish slayer. He begins off by presenting himself as skin of shrewd his motivations and his vie for good-natured-natured get. Since he mentions explicit figureistics, Fortunate indicates the economy for his failure. Fortunate could keep manufactured something so solicitude-alarmful that it merits the force that Mentors takes. 2. As the fable goes on, the enhancement changes profusely. The enhancement changes parallel delay the force. In the foundation, the fable has a lot of Irony and unsteady. The force sakes assign In the average of a masquerade. Carnivals usually keep a blithesome and fun enhancement. Later, we begin appearance how ebon and misfortune Mentor's plans are which Is ebon and exact. When the fable changes to underground Into the catacombs and the heap of bones resembles the force and furnish force on the aim of Mentor's misfortune. 3. Mentors is the protagonist owing he is the historian and deep figure. He is misfortune inclinationed and murdered Fortunate. The protagonist usually is the deep figure and the model, but Mentors is the deep figure and is not a model. Fortunate is the opponent owing he amplifies the arcanum and indetermination. . The similarities of the two stories could be a intellectual guess-work plan them to the destiny for misfortune. "The Black cat" 1 . The historian feels condemned and impure, though he is not impure for slaying his consort and Pluto. This says that he is a self-possessed hearted man. He is misfortune and had a hanker to slay. The historian feels impure environing troubleing his cat, Pluto, and disappointing its eye out but he does not feel bad environing abusing all of his other carnals and his consort. This tells us he furnishs past individuality to his cat than to his own consort and economys past environing the one cat. 2. In the foundation of his wedlock, he and his consort got parallel very well-mannered-mannered-mannered and he cherished carnals. But then, the man begined drinking and his individuality progressive for the worse. HIS individuality progressive as a issue of "the Fiend Intemperance. " HIS was heavily drinking. As days went by, the drinking got heavier and heavier and he became meaner. He then threatened to physically affront his consort. When the their fealty to him. In the end of the fable, he had slayed all of his carnals including his idol cat, Pluto. 3. Yes, this solicitude-alarm is Justified owing he sees a snowy vestige on the assemblage of the cat that resembles the gallows, where relatives arise. This reminds him of his relative of his idol cat, Pluto. When the cat came encircling that looked Just love Pluto. He did not nonproduction to trouble another carnal so he trained to cling detached. He trained to axe the cat owing he was so churlish. When the cat finally left, he felt rectify and untrammelled. It is Justified owing he resisted slaying it. 4. I do see similarities in this fable. The similarities that came to inclination was the ordeal to keep what their inclination was set on causing them to do misfortune. The historian must keep a intellectual guess-work as well-mannered-mannered-mannered owing he drank detached his problems and had a hanker to slay delayout criminality.