Case Management Essay

  Scenario: You are a Registered Nurse who works for a big metropolitan healthcare method. This healthcare method has recently been scrutinized for the big sum of readmissions of chronically ill patients such as those delay congestive nucleus deficiency (CHF) and pattern 2 diabetes (T2D). As a RN inaugurated on the medical/surgical ace you conclude into plain touch delay divers of those readmitted patients. Nursing government has ruled to apportion you to manage a workgroup on eliminateing a Case/Care Treatment nursing intercourse in the healthcare method. The primitive march in this regularity is to eliminate an essay describing the fundamentals of case/care treatment, standards and design of case/care treatment, and a denomination of the notice and skills needed for fortunate case/care treatment. The remedy march obtain be to eliminate a job denomination for this posture. For this assignment, you are tasked delay eliminateing this essay and job denomination. Your described essay should be 3-4 pages, not including address and relation pages, and embrace the following: Descriptions and advice on: fundamentals of case/care treatment, definition of the design and standards of manner, required notice, and skills essential for a case/care treatment RN. A 1-page job denomination: Job compendium, roles/responsibilities, skills needed, counsel, and qualifications. The job denomination should be moderate as an Appendix to the essay. References Required: 3-5 relations in 6th edition APA formatting and citation fashion.