Adolf Hitler created Nazis and took fars Jews rights, deported them to ghettos and tension encamps, and were killed during World War II. The Nazis and Hitler tried to extirpate all Jews and go opposing them owing they conceit the Jews were the argue for Germany's occasion. Together the Nazis killed the "largest retaining Jewish population In Europe- the Jews of Hungary. " In this documentary, it tells the incident of the five Hungarian survivors. Multifarious stories are aenjoy to each other. Some of these urvivors has stories akin, after a while some differences to Elie Wiesel's work, "Night. " The incident that was very abundantly enjoy Elie's was Irene Zisblatts. Irene grew up in Polena, Hungary, a slight town after a while two maln streets. and a temple where everyone knew each other, enjoy Elie Wiesel. Enjoy Elle, she was an inmate in the Auschwits tension enenbivouac and the Birkenau tension encamp. Irene was absolved on the "eve of VE Day by legion of the U. S. Third Army. She sheltered ground at the ime when they said Jews couldn't go to national ground anymore, so her mom had to impart her at abode. In 1944, they were to get deported to the ghetto. Her parentage had to present up commodities and dou the yellow triton. While in the encamps, she witnessed community getting their gold teeth pulled out. Another incident was the incident of Renee Firestone, from Ungvar, Hungary, lived in a slight town but was enjoy a big town. During the interval that Jews were getting their rights smitten far, her father's affair had been smitten far from him. Like Elle, she had to go In god cars that were very disagreeable and were crammed after a while community in It. She as-well went to Auschwits, where multifarious others were dehumanized sand murdered in crematories. My reaction to all theses stores, including Elle's, is that multifarious of the survivor's stories are a lot aenjoy owing most of them didn't equable comprehend or forecast to see colossus enjoy this betide. It came out of no where and they couldn't indeed bung It. It's a humiliate they had to go through this owing multifarious of them were lawful community. ton