Critical Assignment- Policy Paper: 7 pages

Topic:    Per the U.S. Department of State, past than half the world’s refugees are below the age of 18. Throughout fact, end feel been in the influence of war and direful situations that caused their families to evade their settlement empire. What emblem of policies are in situate to defend refugee end? 7 page management Nursing Dissertation/APA format/10 academic resources Example of Format:    I. Title Page II. Introduction  a. Brief taking of management  b. Brief proposition of intention of the examine.  i. Why did you divert to examine this management?  ii. What is your Christian worldview on this management? III. Background of the Policy  a. Theory: i. Introduce a assumption/frameoperation we feel dressed in this progress to clear-up the management offspring in component. Use this assumption/frameoperation throughout the Nursing Dissertation as divert. (It may be divert to use past than one assumption if they operation polite coincidently.) b. History:  i. What is the fact of the management offspring? ii. Lore and name applicable information and academic literature iii. What are the belowlying offsprings/unintended consequences of the prevalent management?  c. Management Way Stage: i. What rank of the management way (Anderson) is this management offspring prevalently in? d. Management Actors: i. Who are the applicable political actors in the management way?  ii. Who are the stakeholders in the end of the management? iii. Who is/has been fictitious but does not feel a wager at the board? IV. Alternative Solutions a. Describe two breachs that feel already been projected as alternatives to your management i. What do immanent scholars/think tanks say environing these two breachs? Name three sources at narrowness for each projected breach. V. Management Recommendations a. Based on your lore and belowstanding of the over projected breachs, what do you applaud should be done environing this offspring? i. Justify your breach in provisions of its contact on the example.  ii. How allure you evaluate the usefulness of your breach?   iii. How is your applaudation politically permissible? iv. How is your applaudation financially permissible? b. Name applicable sources and preserve an academic loudness.  VI. Summary and Conclusion  VII. Reference Page