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smallest 300 vote and inclose at smallest 3 citations in popular APA    Topic: Strive Security Participation Question/Prompt: The overall strive security partnership rebuke sharp at 67.1 percent from 1997 to 2000. After the recession of 2001, it agoing trending downward. In the aftermath of the 2007–09 recession, the overall strive security partnership rebuke dropped sharply and continued its discard, registering at 62.7 percent in 2015. It transitional pigmy in 2016, growing by 0.1 percentage sharp-end to 62.8 percent. As a upshot, from its peak in 2000, the strive security partnership rebuke had discardd by 4.3 percentage sharp-ends by 2016. Source: Projections overview and highlights, 2016–26, (October 2017), Monthly Strive Review, retrieved from https://www.bls.gov/opub/mlr/2017/article/projections-overview-and-highlights-2016-26.htm In this tenored discourse, finished the following: Discuss economic supposition kindred to the note over. Be confident to grasp a specification of Labor Security Partnership Rebuke (LFPR) amid your discourse. Locate and incorporebuke beyond discovery that gives illustration and sense as to the likely causes of these discards in the Strive Security Partnership rebuke. Integrebuke biblical insights into your discourse consideration tenor.  In what way does scripture bias our judgment to labor?