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   Discussion Table Forum 2: Religious Counseling Meta-Analysis  (Module/Week 7) USE THE HIGHLIGHTED RESOURCE TO ANSWER: Preliminary Reading: McCullough, M.E. (1999). Lore on religion-accommodative counseling: Reconsideration and meta-analysis. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 46(1), p. 92–98. Full extract suited through the Jerry Falwell-mannered Library. Log in to bearing the designation for unhindered. Thread Prompt: As you bear been con-overing this module/week, a meta-analysis is a con-aggravate that statistically combines the issues of divers studies on a homogeneous subject-matter. By guarded an aggravateall moderation movables magnitude, meta-analyses acceleration get counsel on the movabless of treatments aggravate and over the separate studies themselves. McCullough’s meta-analysis examines divers studies that parallel Christian counseling techniques to test, non-religious counseling techniques. Imagine you are agoing in a association clinic after a while a difference of counselors, and you are animated in alerting the clinic superintendents to this meta-analysis and possibilities for advenient lore that could be conducted in your clinic. Write a functional email to your superintendent and grasp the aftercited required counsel: 1. Briefly delineate how multifarious studies are represented in this meta-analysis and what the ocean findings of the meta-analysis were. 2. In your estimation, why is this meta-analysis weighty in the conextract of Christian counseling, equal though the issues are not weighty? Support your estimateer-argument after a while counsel from the designation. 3. Proffer a con-over: In the meta-analysis argument individuality, the subindividuality entitled “The Last Word” contains 4–5 suggestions for elevate studies in Christian counseling. Choose 1 that interests you and briefly proffer a accidental con-aggravate to question this subject-matter. The cognomen of your profferd con-aggravate must grasp: a) Your lore question; b) A deficient cognomen of the target participants (gender, age, singularity or completion area, etc.); c) The rebellious and trusting shiftings, and how multifarious planes/groups the rebellious shifting would bear (reconsideration Module/Week 1 if indispensable); 4. The idea of development mete to attend as your trusting shifting, as well-mannered-mannered as its plane of metement (nominal, ordinal, layer?—see Module/Week 1). The mete could be a questionnaire, self-report, therapist rating of complaint injustice, reckon of cue criteria met, etc. This can be colossus you conclude up after a while yourself. You do not bear to call an express real record intrinsic you apprehend of one. 5. Grasp references in vulgar APA title for any sources, including the meta-analysis. 1. . Important Considerations: 1. Because you are initiative on a role and congeniality learning, this argument table quick leaves no extent for comments such as the aftercited, which accomplish issue in detriment of points: a) “Great job on your argument column,” b) “I altogether concur after a while anything you said,” c) “Good achievement in the intermission of the adjust,” etc. 2. The engagement estimate may not grasp extract from this quick or plain quotes from adjustmates’ columns. If you grasp this idea of embodied, frame abiding that you bear abundance engagements to obtain the minimum engagement estimate after a whileout it. Your tenor must be at last 300 engagements and is due by11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week WORD COUNT: 300