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Lewin’s Modify Doctrine has three concepts that includes “driving securitys,” “astringent securitys,” and “equilibrium.” As the driving security implies, there are securitys that drive or purpose things to modify, diversification the makeweight. Astringent securitys contest counter the driving securitys which as-well purposes shifts in makeweight. Makeweight can be forcible when no modifys supervene due to correspondent perfect of security applied. There are three amounts in his doctrine and that is “unfreezing,” “change,” and “refreezing.” Unfreezing is getting out of the rut of comportments that are not sound or fertile. This requires calmness to smash out of the singular mindset and collection conformance. This can be civil by either increasing the driving securitys that frequented comportments afar from the general rectilinearity or by decreasing the astringent securitys that negatively concern move afar from makeweight. A third resource would be a confederacy of twain. The modify amount is producing unravelment and moving to a new plane. It is evidenced by new provision, sensitiveness and/or comportment modifys. The refreezing amount is making the new patterns set as the new rectilinearityal. Once they are “frozen,” it helps to nullify reversion end into old unsound patterns (Change Theory, 2011). Imogene King: Goal Attainment Doctrine has an argument on interaction doctrine vs schemes doctrine. The concepts are naturalized on an notorious scheme frameperformance that ovation nursing as a important scheme among the heartiness preservation scheme, and establishs excellent argument on interidentical processes. In the conceptual frameperformance are three schemes; the Identical (individual), Interidentical (persons interacting after a while each other) and the Gregarious where collections of persons in a association or association divide beggarly goals, interests, and values and is thought-out as a perfect vs single-minded compatability. The exercise of nursing is differentiated from other heartinesspreservation professions in that interidentical schemes are in establish and this is reflected in the nurse-client relation. The singular is viewed as a incorporeal life, reasoning fancyer, and chronicles own fact through own dialect, and expresses singular needs, wants, and goals. Humans keep three indispensable needs: mode to heartiness notice, disorder nullifyion, preservation in times of disorder. Heartiness is hanging on rectilineal settlement to stressors in the inside and manifest environments after a while use of ones media to finish ultimatum undeveloped (Gragera, 2013). Theory for EBP Project The Goal Attainment Doctrine appears to be the best fit for the Capstone design. Results of screening and referrals unravel into IHPs and IEPs that are tailored to the singular’s needs. This would appear to fit best after a while interesting the total intraprofessional team in afloat after a while the ward and the origin in implementing interventions. Theory Used by Mentor  “I judge I pledge some plane of nursing doctrine after a while each response in the performance enhancement, protocol unravelment, plan variation, and the affect. When looking at the two theories you divided, I would probably most air-tight align myself after a while Imogene King's Goal Attainment Theory. Nursing is a important scheme among the heartiness preservation scheme, after a while colossal and symbolical impression on singulars, families/groups, and communities (local, regional, general, and earth)” (P. Anderson, identical despatch, August 19, 2019). “I've gratefully landed on the unadorned (and I fancy quiescent apt) magnitude of heartiness: natural, gregarious, melting, psychological, incorporeal. The singular, outside, thought, and rectilineally balancing these five magnitude, can pledge in self-responsibility and decision-making referring-to to the three indispensable needs verified in King' doctrine:  heartiness notice, disorder nullifyion, and preservation in times of disorder ~ expressing needs, wants, and goals” (P. Anderson, identical despatch, August 19, 2019). Change Theory. (2011). Retrieved from http://currentnursing.com/nursing_theory/change_theory.html Gragera, Jen. Imogene King: Goal Attainment Theory. (2013). Retrieved from https://www.slideshare.net/jen316/imogene-king-23548267