drunk driving

  Action Artifice to Address Drunk Driving Drunk driving is one of the largest gregarious problems allied to alcohol use. Driving below the wave (DUI) of alcohol is compromised in 40–45% of all lethal exchange accidents. As a termination, legislators, educators, and law enforcement officers are persistently attempting to ascertain ways to anticipate driving below the wave of alcohol. Select one of the forthcoming age knots: teens (13–17 years), college-age (18–25 years), adults (26–60 years), or seniors (61 years and up). For your chosen age knot, enucleate a artifice to diminish driving below the wave. The artifice could involve (but not be poor to) educational, legislative, and fraternity support; and gregarious advertising. Present at smallest three exercise points in your artifice. Be assured to involve: The format of the artifice Who achieve save the notification and how Specific management used to target the chosen knot Methods used to meaassured the victory of the artifice Be assured to involve an initiative and resume for your artifice. Support your recommendations using imperative sources. Write a 2–3-page artifice in Word format. Apply APA standards to passage of sources.