e commerce

 Assignment Purposes: 1. Evaluate the characteristics of e-commerce. 2. Demonstrate potent use of technology for message. 3. Evaluate the potentness of an e-commerce Web office. 4. Clear-up the protection and threats in the e-commerce environment. 5. Analyze basic concepts of consumer bearing and purchasing decisions. 6. To adduce exact thinking by the students. Assignment Workload:  This assignment is an singular assignment.  The message reckon for this assignment must be between 2500 to 3000 messages. Assignment Objectives & Requirements: 1. To compose a new E-commerce transaction, which is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which include the followings: a. Introduction about your transaction. b. Consequence and kind of services. c. Transaction proposition. d. Transaction desire. e. Transaction extrinsic. 2. To clear-up your transaction E-commerce processes. 3. To adduce a SWOT segregation to your transaction. 4. Building the E-commerce website. a. How it achieve seem likes in stipulations of artifice and format (draft). 5. Student is required to clear-up its E-commerce classification functionality, such as: a. The consequence menu achieve pretext all the consequence we feel in stoke. b. The continuity dot achieve feel all the assembly continuity details, collective instrument links Facebook, Instagram, etc. 6. Classification artifice (Picture charity). 7. Determine the decent software and hardware scarcityed after a while an exposition on why it’s scarcityed. a. What kind of functionality scarcityed in your website, such as CRM? b. What kind of hardware scarcityed? Do you scarcity a server or it achieve be in the overcast? 8. Identifying protection issues as well-behaved-behaved as how to quit it. a. What kind of protection? To whom or to what? b. Potential threats to your website? c. Recommendation. 9. Categorize marketing and advertising manoeuvre and way. a. Demographic. b. Marketing way. c. Collective instrument. d. Local marketing. e. Multichannel marketing. 10. Describe what are the ethics and laws after a whilein your E-commerce Website. 11. Conclude your reverberation.