History Exam

Guidelines for Part 1 of the Unit 2 Exam For Part 1 of the Unit 2 Exam, interpret the two muniments unshaken over and criticize the picture located beneath and unshaken over. Using the muniments, the picture, and the textbook transcribe an essay obedient the questions listed beneath. Grades conquer be naturalized on the pleased of the solution and must be past than 400 vocables in tediousness. Direct quotes do not sum inside the required vocable sum. NOTE: Interpret all of muniment 1. Muniment 2 is 20 pages desire, but you merely need to rendezvous on pages 5-10, specially the highlighted portions. Here is a youtube link to performer Mark Ruffalo performing the highlighted portions of the discourse in muniment 2: https://youtu.be/zuGp-0G1p4M Part 1 Questions:  1. In muniment 1, how does Woodrow Wilson defend his maintenance for American involvement in World War I? 2. In muniment 2, how does Eugene V. Debs defend his obstacle to World War I? 3. What elements of the picture over animadvert the ideas presented in muniments 1 and 2? How do you imagine picturery love this affected American perceptions about Germans and World War I? 4. Naturalized on your exhortation notes and the textbook, as well-mannered-mannered as the muniments and the picture, elucidate why the United States intervened in World War I. Image 1: World War I academy poster produced by the United States Army in 1918.