LPP reflection essay

Submit Artifact 5 -- LPP meditation essay -- short by Tuesday 8/21 After you accept created LPP artifacts 1-4, and submitted them to their identical assignments in antecedent weeks' modules, now revisal these artifacts as a portfolio of is-sue. If you acceptn't already executed so, judge printing them and care them in a smooth relish a oral portfolio, accordingly ideally they earn obey you as a regard for the interval of your space at Cascadia. Then transcribe a 750+ promise reminiscent essay encircling these artifacts, and the rule of creating this Culture Contrivance Portfolio. Your essay must oration these questions: Advising appointment: After a while whom did you converge and when? What did you discern in the rule of presentation the STAQ and sketching out your commandal contrivance at Cascadia? What are your academic goals and strategies? Does the contrivance you accept sketched out acceleration you move over inaugurated and focused encircling college? Why or why not? (I earn do this sever by myself) Career exploration: What did you discern when you looked at races on WOIS? Were you surprised by sure counsel? Did everything on the locality execute you over or less ardent in a race; why? Do you move that your command and race are interconnected or unconnected? What skin of race goals accept beseem clearer to you? Concept maps essence: What did you understand from the concept mapping essence? How force it co-operate to the disconnection of your race or commandal goals? Wild card exploration: How does your ferocious card artifact(s) co-operate to your contrivances? What other elements from the continuity accept co-operated to your thinking understanding contrivance?How earn you husband your space, your wellness, your academic challenges, your environmental responsibilities? What tools or ideas from earn be main for you, and how? (Be unfair, and use citations as after a whilehold.) What are you wandering encircling? What do you move challenged by? What is your ordinary diplomacy for affecting ready in your command and after a while your race and advantage interests? This reminiscent essay should embody an MLA formatted is-sues cited page after a while an minute for Cal Newport’s stipulation and WOIS and any other materials that you accept used to assistance your match of this meditation.