Mankind Is No Island

Mankind is No Island Focus: The collation of Stagnant Images Sound Not a lot of conversation Montage of representations – concertedly they fabricate an representation The expression shown are from signs, street signs and stock signs etc. What fabricates this film visual What is specifically visual encircling it What fabricates the video form my perspective of the birth What is the scope of the video idiosyncraticality made? - To be more sensible of the homeless Ideas: There is a closing of giving to the homeless The homeless are captured for granted The homeless are ignored by sodality It is filmed in the city accordingly it demonstrates advertising and so emphasizes consumerism. Used to controvert or to question what they are to offer in the cities. The homeless are destitute and denied from the necessities of idiosyncraticality. Techniuqes Soft ceremonious piano melody is used The melody sets the temper. It so fabricates the interview unflourishing and reach tarnished. Camera angles are situated in the similar roll as the homeless. This is used to situate the interview in the homeless tribes birth and standing. By doing this, the interview reachs the hardships, the soberness and the contingency as the homeless arrive-at so felt. Repetition of the representations of the homeless idiosyncraticality ignored Rhetorical Questions are so used to fabricate the interview reach unflourishing and exhibit on their offence. RQ's are so used to fabricate interview exhibit Repetitions of RQ's Religious representations Repetition of “NO” Close up of the Homeless Visage – Shows their facial expressions. So indicates their soberness and their lowering. Shows their bristly exhibition. Take abroad the homeless oneness and situates the interview to seem at them visage to visage as humans. Demonstrates how old they seem. So supports that idiosyncraticality homeless ages you. The homeless arrive-at literally been oppressive to feed a idiosyncraticality of desperation. The homeless arrive-at no choices. The circumstance that two of the largest cities are used symbolises and supports the fancy that homeless tribe are not rest in a detail situate, but are recognised everywhere. Repetition of “your” emphasizes that the homeless and the happy are no divergent. They may be divergent in collective class but they are stagnant the similar in disposition. The representations are so privative and rendezvous the privative sides of the city. The sentences are so in a leading idiosyncratic register RQ's is used to question and controvert on what we charity The Heart Balloon -