Monopoly and Market Power( Competitive Market)

Part B: What frames a competitive bargain? In the exception entitled Low Barriers to Entry, this paragraph lists six characteristics for a competitive bargain that can acceleration an rule terminate the virtues of emulation. The six characteristics are: a) Many secures b) Identical products c) MC = p d) Low barriers to entry e) Zero economic improvement f) Perfect information However, these these characteristics don’t constantly supervene. Eliminate a bargain for a good-tempered-natured-natured or benefit delay which you are accustomed (for copy, garden textbooks or car insurance—but don’t use these copys). Be trusting you prime a good-tempered-natured-natured or benefit effected by secures unimpeded to frame a improvement. Don’t eliminate notability effected by the council or a non-improvement secure. 1) In the bargain you primeed, which characteristics are offer? 2) Which characteristics are lukewarm? 3)Pick one of the lukewarm characteristics. Provide illustration to livelihood your decision that it is damage. 4) For one of the lukewarm characteristics you identified in (2), portray a council plan to counteraction the lack, so that over of the virtues of emulation could be terminated. Explain why evolution would be over prolific and why there would be a over optimal mix of output.