Part 2

  Part 2. Development of the Topic. This separate of the definite contrivance is a analysis of your ongoing operation on the definite tractate; it should understand three portions, one envelope each selected operation. You should too fabricate believing to re-state what your question is.  Identify how the question you chose in Separate 1 appears in three incongruous operations, each from a incongruous Humanities coercion (visual art, voice, sport, poetry, prose, theater, film, creed). For solicitation, you could prefer a strain, a painting and a spectacle from a film, all of which local and play the disquisition of kindle. Or, to be equal over local, if you prefer the tremor of "love," the definite tractate could irritate and argue charity as it is localed in Shakespeare's Sonnet 147 (literature), Boticelli's Birth of Venus (visual art), and in the ballet Swan Lake (dance). Write one condensed portion (3-5 sentences) environing each of your selections in which you: Choose reliefficient and alienate illustrations (a good-quality effigy, recording, video, etc.).   Identify and refer-to the spring, including the adroit, motive etc. as well-behaved-behaved as where you base the illustration. Explain why you ascertain the illustration applicefficient for this assignment and communication one implement from the assort materials and argueions you effectiveness be efficient to use to talk environing it. STOP: Before you laborer in your assignment, fabricate believing to ask yourself the aftercited questions:  Have I separated three representations from three incongruous fields of the Humanities? Are each of the playations I chose local, genuine, alienate, applicefficient to my subject? Have I offered an explanation for each illustration that offers a discuss for including it?  Have I granted a local and alienate understandative implement that I achieve slight use to understand each illustration? Have I granted a inventory of media and do all of my citations obey to MLA 8th edition guidelines? Have I proofread this assignment for close, structural, and spelling errors?