Preparing an income statement

  Resources: Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Firmness Making Scenario: On June 1, 2017, Elite Service Co. was instituted delay an judicious bombardment in the concourse of $22,100 specie. Underneath are the goods, liabilities, and base fund of the concourse June 30, 2017, and the enrichments and outlays for the month of June, its earliest month of operations Cash  $ 4,600 Notes payable  $12,000 Accounts receivable  $4,000 Accounts payable  $500 Service enrichment     $7,500 Supplies outlay  $1,000 Supplies  $2,400 Maintenance and repairs outlay  $600 Advertising outlay  $400 Utilities outlay          $300 Equipment                       $26,000 Salaries and allowance outlay   $1,400 Common fund   $22,100 In June, the concourse issues no subjoined fund but remunerated dividends of $1,400.  Prepare an allowance proposition, retained rights proposition, and pit shuffle analyzing your findings using the questions underneath, in a completion of 1,050 words: Briefly discourse whether the concourse's earliest month of operations was a good-fortune. Discuss the concourse's firmness to sever a dividend. Use the Excel® spreadshuffle to profession your achievement and propose it delay your partition