Business Analytics

LP Project 1  Instructions: Use the advice consecrated underneath to set up and unfold a LP and yield the director delay the apt advice needed to find the optimal firmness environing how to actuate self-assertive. You should be expert to apology a few sarcasm questions environing the primal optimal firmness and results.  You should besides be expert to qualify unmistakoperative assumptions and then unfold the quantity for a new optimal firmness. You procure get trustworthiness for apologying questions via an online sarcasm.   You absence to dispose-of three affixed items at your carved-art booth at the Cooper-Young Festival: wool dryer spheres, wool scarfs, and wool hats. You crochet these items period watching Amazon Prime, sitting in discontinuance rooms, and at other lazy times as a way to rest and find a inconsideroperative extra coin which resources aggravate the summer you forecast to bear 296 hours. You purchased 70 skeins of wool disquisition on clearance for $3.00 per skein and one 10 oz. box of slight. A wool dryer sphere is a crocheted sphere stuffed delay wool slight. Each dryer sphere uses ½ an ounce of slight which costs $0.75 and requires 1/10 of a skein of disquisition for the sphere itself and takes 1.5 hours to find. A scarf requires 2 skeins of disquisition and takes 10 hours to find. A hat besides requires 2 skeins of disquisition and takes 12 hours to find. Based on developed year’s claim you absence to bear at lowest 8 of each of your projects serviceable.  You besides observed that you sold twice as frequent scarfs as hats. You are operative to dispose-of the Dryer spheres for $5.00 each, the Scarfs go for $25 each, and the Hats for $32.00 each. What should you crochet to find the most coin?