CYBER SECURITY COMPLIANCE CLASS DISCUSSION.  NOTE: PLEASE USE & REF BELOW TEXT FOR ALL THE QUESTIONS.  Title: Cybersecurity: “The Essential Body of Knowledge” 1.What is the most obsolete area in Netemployment Management? 2.Why is Physical assurance the most obsolete are in cybersecurity? Express you aspect delay attended investigation. 3.delineate the challenges faced by an structure delay deem to grafting and awareness of its employmentforce. would you go encircling ensuring solely the most competent habituateees were remunerated who would feel appropinquation to your network? 5.why is the consent official so deducetalented to an structure? 6.what are the three most deducetalented assurance policies you would instrument and strain if you were CEO of an structure? 7.For your conclusive discourse column, delight deduce the forthcoming hypothetical standing, column your vindication, and aid it delay Biblical passages. Situation: You are in accuse of your sodality's insignificant IT employmentforce. Your five habituateees currently benefit a synod abridge which media they, you, and your sodality must confront incontrovertible mandated poverty certification requirements. You and your herd feel met these certification demands balance the spent year and all appears in arrange. You comprehend this owing perfect habituateee has austere in a PAPER COPY of their CompTIA Assurance + certification card and identifying enumerate (and you were delay them, and took the exam delay them, when the sodality remunerated for the trial developed year). You support a roll of perfectone's card enumerate and dulness duration and revisit it perfect forbearance to fix the employmentforce is receiving ample sttalented grafting to support their "good standing" status. Additionally, custody trail fixs that nobody get be surprised by an upcoming dulness (and you can register any needed exams in remove).  When you come-to at your appointment on Monday morning, you confront an condense (unmarked in any way) delay a portraiture of Terry Smith's Assurance + cert card and enumerate. You feel no Terry Smith in your habituate, nor do you comprehend any Terry Smith. You don't equtalented feel any "Terry's" or any "Smith's" in your employmentforce. HOWEVER, the certification enumerate MATCHES one currently austere in by one of your habituateees: Andi Baker. Andi is a stellar habituateee, been delay the sodality for years, and is a separate constructor delay two result. You reallure that Andi initially failed the Assurance + exam when the sodality sent the team en masse to earn?} it developed year. In circumstance, having a 100% sensible employmentforce was the main infer the sodality was talented to bid and subsequently win this advantageous synod abridge. However, the sodality would not pay for a reobtain?} for Andi, but did acknowledge Andi the turn to earn the certification on Andi's own age BEFORE the sodality instituted employment on the abridge. Andi did in circumstance earn?} the exam frequently and passed it. Andi austere in a portraiture of the certification card and enumerate.  Perplexed, you allure CompTIA. The CompTIA rep, behind hearing your term of "hey, i've got two matching enumerates here!" replies, "Let me divine - one of them belongs to a TERRY SMITH." What has happened? What get you do encircling it? Aid your vindication delay passages from Scripture.