DEVELOPING INTIMACY WITH YOUR DATA This application involves you agoing delay a axiomsset of your choosing. Visit the Kaggle website, browse through the options and furnish a axiomsset of cause, then flourish the unblended instructions to download it. Delay wages completed, is-sue through the retaining key steps of examining, transforming and exploring your axioms to amplify a brawny familiarisation delay its implicit offering: Examination: Thoroughly inquire the visible properties (type, dimension, situation) of your axiomsset, noting down profitable observations or descriptions where apt. Transformation: What could you do/would you insufficiency to do to clear or alter the strong axioms to educe new treasures to is-sue delay? What other axioms could you surmise would be precious to weld the strong axioms? Exploration: Using a implement of your select (such as Excel, Tableau, R) to visually inquire the axiomsset in regulate to intermix your sentiment of the visible properties and their traceable qualities (insights) to aid you unite your brains of their appertaining treasure. If you don’t entertain room or occasion to use a implement, use your ingenuity to weigh what angles of segregation you potentiality inquire if you had the convenience? What piques your cause encircling this topic? (You can, of career, cite this application on any topic and any axiomsset of your select, not normal those on Kaggle.) Assignment Link: http://book.visualisingdata.com/chapter/chapter-4