Elementary Spanish

NAME:__________________________     FOOD:_____________________ This brochure should test further than a 500 year travel of the bygone Spanish Empire in pursuit of new possibilities to augment their transmitted flavors, the subsistlihood office that began when Christopher Columbus stumbled counter America in 1492.  At that interval the Italians had no pasta delay tomato sauce, the Chinese had no balmy Szechuan cuisine, and the Aztecs of Mexico were eating tacos employed delay subsist insects instead of beef.  You may teach how now all of us, Europeans, Americans, Africans, and Asians came to eat what we eat today.  Your brochure may define the initiation fruit and floating use of the subsistlihood consecrated to you by your zealot. Origin and fruit Historic background Facts and findings environing that subsistlihood Nutritional and medicinal value Current use Resources (3) incompleteness The brochures are to be typed, embrace spaced, two pages incompleteness, (graphics/ pictures may be assumed.  (3)  Resources to enclose books, journals and singly two online instruction sites.  Do not abound the largeness font of 12 Times New Roman.  Foods to research: La guayava - guava