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  Your team is tasked by the CEO of your Construction to benchmark another sanity preservation construction. The bench-marking manner requires your team to elaboration a sanity preservation construction (UnitedHealth Group) , retrospect their lowe?-t annual rumor and realize operational challenges, and opportunities, which entails providing a financial severition of their financial statements. Your team conquer get the aftercited notice on the construction as well-mannered-mannered as an severition of the construction’s financial statements you chose in Week 4. INSTRUCTOR GUIDANCE FOR TEAM: Each Team constituent must exhaustive one of the required elements inventoryed under. In attention, each team constituent is binding for defining and pomping a forethought of one financial connection inventoryed under domiciled on the construction's financial statements.(Solvency Connection  150 say) Each team constituent is as-well required to tend one warning for amendment that has not already been getd by another team constituent. (150 say for the warning) Each scholar must get their own citations and references for their exception. Each constituent is together binding to secure their severicipation prospers the academic completeness cunning. These guidelines are to secure everyone tends to the integral scheme and gets initiatory operation.   Recommendations for Leadership : Each team constituent must inventory one warning for leadership to prosper to mend financial operations (For United HealthGroup)The warnings must be domiciled on the financial severition of the financial statements. As methodic over, reach confident that each team constituent tends at smallest one warning and explains their connectionnale following that warning. (150  say for this sever)   The team simply demands to debate the connections inventoryed under in proparticipation to the number of team constituents. So, if you simply bear 4 team constituents, then you simply demand to debate 4 of the connections inventoryed under and pomp those forethoughts. Current connection Profitability connection Liquidity connection Solvency connection   This is my sever I must debate on the construction United HealthGroup Debt Service Coverage connection Inventory Turnover connection Operating Margin connection Return on completion proceeds connection