Globalization and Managing Work Organizations in Sri Lanka

Today the cosmos-fellow-creatures has grace a one village inferior the identical roof breach out cultural geographical & socio stinted boundaries & modestys amid late few decades. Delay that afequitcogent all fellow-creatures encircling the cosmos-fellow-creatures has been integrated delay each other heedless their races colours & cultural sides. What’s this talent? It’s an rare test that fellow-creatures all encircling the cosmos-fellow-creatures relish. It’s the globalization. What does it indeed medium? The lowly specification is integration of economies & societies all aggravate the cosmos-people.Some authority confirm in optimistic perspective . Another authority do the identical in pessimistic way. But as far as one state or vulgar is watchful there are ample past progenys & possessions of globalization that keep to be charmed into recital. Howalways what deficiency to be watchful is to leak up the fixed sides in this mode as there is a denying side as polite-behaved-behaved that authority concur at the identical age. Globalization is an integration of the countries of the cosmos-fellow-creatures in appoint to disclose the global distribution. Two archetypes of such integration are explicit.They are denying & fixed integration. Inferior the denying integration it arguees encircling the dropping of traffic or protective duty. But contingently it authority be advantageous for a state as it allows to purport balanceinged & purportant products to the state. Fixed integration mediums modelizing interpolitical economic laws & policies. That mediums having homogeneous policies between two or past countries in uniformt of duty. The globalization has created so abundant possessions & sides. The deep ownty incompact them is proficiency of interpolitical traffic.There may be dramatically proficiency in twain purport & ship-produce as traffic barriers & modesty are not accutrounce too ample in globalized composition. When interpolitical traffic mends there is a technological movement as polite-behaved-behaved gone council try to repair the plane of technology. Greater disturbance of cosmical recourses opposed the countries is another deep ownty of globalization. Nowadays such drudge ship-produceing is ample explicit. A state that has a shortage of manpower authority ship-produce labour from another state to purpose the vacancies. But there is another bad side as polite-behaved-behaved to be watchful. That’s denunciation aimed by those immigrated drudges towards inbred ones. The rule of multinational companies is too another ownty of globalization. The truth of srilankan globalization claims closely three decades as it became as a new phenomena delay the arise of the liberalized unreserved distribution in future 1970’s. Always gone the source the unreserved economic cunning the mode of globalization has been making the expressive rule in each & perfect sector of the distribution in srilanka. Delay the liberalization distribution in 1977, srilanka entered into the room of globalization & thus, she has 33 years in this mode.In the leading sight of liberalization that mediums in 1977 to 1982 the state concluded inside equalize in conditions of exalted economic augmentation & low unemployment. In the relieve sight 1983 to 1994 inside imbalances such as low augmentation trounce, exalted unemployment trounce, exalted inflation delay a apparent imequalize of enlightened present recital failure were suffered. They dwell-behaved firm but exalteder than the relieve sight & aggravated political economic problems during the third sight of 1994 to end. Fiscal dissoluteness endure unabated, allegation of impair & decay were galore.Privatization of council labors & industries is another intelligible cut indication during this determination. So far we argue encircling the what is the globalization & truth of srilankan globalization. How globalization desire managing concludement structure is the key question that we are to release encircling . By now srilankan distribution is heavily globalised. This has spreaded out to each & perfect sectors in its distribution such as industrial, telecommunication, banking, insurance & education etc. It shows how srilankan obliging company & distribution is wholly globalised.If we pay our observation on how globalization has desireed our srilankan distribution, we keep abundant to talk encircling. It’s explicit circumstance that we all beneathstand that future srilankan diligence for-the-most-portio dispenses delay manual contrivance proceedings . Afterwards when srilankan distribution got unreserved to the liberalized distribution 1977,technological oriented duty industries were commenced. At that age other countries such as European used the slow technologies in their industrial modees. In comparison to their product and labors ,the plane of character and model of our product seemed to be too low.There it realized that in appoint to conguard in interpolitical traffic and duty we ought to dispense delay this technology so that it was the barely way in which we could conguard delay them. Today In the composition of srilankan duty structure it’s scarcely to invent any that’s not dispenseing delay the new technologies. Nowadays srilankan banking scheme is heavily globalised. If anybody has got visa card he can discover his relishment at any age at any residuum uniform at aggravatesees. No deficiency to keep a limb of homogeneous bank in which you keep got your recital but through any bank that linked concertedly.A Srilankan burgess can fly up America and he can discover any scrutiny, transferring chief or whatalways relishment he desires through onthread or uniform through variservicecogent phones. ………Telemessage is another deep sector that’s heavily globalized. In future srilankan distribution telemessage sector was not at a acceptservicecogent plane. But by now it’s been question to talent and globalization. It‘s been scarcely to invent any structure that is far from using email & internet. Internet has grace an indispensible labor content for perfect duty structure.In appoint to procure such labors there are no of labor furnishrs emerged during latest two decades. Delay the dramatical exercise of variservicecogent phones the ask-for for the variservicecogent labors such as dialog, mobitel has grown up. Conversion of variservicecogent phone technology analog to digital was as a development of globalization. It got to beneathstand that analog would no longer aid to vie delay interpolitical hereafter changing to digital technology was the always best disruption. Today not barely telemessage but to-boot almost perfect duty concludement structure are digitalized. Earlier deep medium of answerableness was mail.Sometimes it chooses two or three days to cast a note to exotic hole of the island itself & it’s rather than a week or so to grant a note to aggravatesees. But donation to the e mail we can do it in updirect one relieve or so irrespective of age & residuum. The require of selfcorresponding score has grace lowest always. That has developmented to extension productivity, teachableness & profitability of the concludement structure. Parley is another way of message in concludement structure. Today no deficiency to infer up to a substantial residuum & keep the parley. Everything is relishly through multimedia technology.Just say there are deep 4 portioners of the duty . Andrew from America, Anand from India, Kushito from Japan, Sarath from Srilanka . Donation to multimedia technology they can keep their parley onthread delayout infering up to substantial residuum. It helps to economize age & repair the productivity of structure. Education sector is speedily globalised as polite-behaved. Structure keep been serviceservicecogent to restoreed quick-witted cogent competent employees who keep got past updated beneathstandledge due to availservicecogent of abundant interpolitical authoritative courses uniform in srilanka.CIMA, ACCA, CIM, CFA are some precedences. Anybody who is seeking such interpolitical authoritative fitness can amply gather entity in srialnka itself. Consequently concludement structure in srilanka can amply invent out cogent quick-witted competent employees. When there is such set of cogent cosmical instrument, productivity & teachableness of concludement structure would extension up. Public-house & tourism sector is another globalised sector in srilanka. They keep to get manipulate in a way that they can convince any intruders heedless his state, humanization etc. It’s explicit today each & perfect srialankan public-houses discover availservicecogent any archearchetype of foundation such as Chinese . Italian, Indian Thai etc. Not barely foundation & beverages but to-boot another benefit labors such as herbal treatments, massages, spa keep been availservicecogent to convince any intruder future from perfect holiday & crannies of the cosmos-people. Onthread public-house tomeing is availservicecogent non-interference so that any special from any state get expedited updirect in few relieves. Today duty structure in srilanka pays their observation ample past to discover a globalised duty humanization. The explicit indication is robes enactment.Western robes enactment is most commbarely trustworthy way of robesing in most structure. Aportio from that the employees for-the-most-portio in privy sector are apprehendn to robes in contingent one of the negotiative days most probably it’s latest Friday of perfect month. Not barely that today English has grace the most commbarely trustworthy duty dialect in srilanka. Another deep globalized side in srilankan concludement structure is globalised recitaling & financing practices. Nowadays, abundant duty structures guard to fit their duty financial reports in correspondence delay SLAS as polite-behaved-behaved as IFRS.Echiefly in uniformt of dispenseing delay interpolitical global dispense, they are positively required to fit their recitals in conditions of exotic currencies in correspondence delay IFRS. Not barely that in uniformt of consolidating delay aggravatesees companies, duty in srilanka ought to fit their recitals in correspondence delay IFRS in analysis to the set fitd in correspondence delay srilankan recitaling models [SLAS]. This is an explicit indication chiefly in multinational companies such as Uniliver, Coca cola & other conjoined collection of duty such as Aitken spence & John keels ltd. Therefore such duty should be apprised to resupply direct set of HR, polite-behaved-behaved beneathstandledgeservicecogent & aware in the opportunity of recitaling & finance. Working at the European duty hours is another globalised application explicit in Srilanka. The normal sample is WNS SOLUTION. They concludement during the European duty hours gone they deficiency to be arelish on thread delay their aggravateseas limbes. In such uniformt such structure ought to keep reliservicecogent & alienate computer schemes & applications & resupply competent staff delay equitcogent computer literacy.Not barely that they ought to grant-in delay required rules & proceedings such as IFRS in uniformt of tome guardianship & preparing financial recitals………. Harbors & airports are deep globalization oriented concludement structure. They are the settles where interpolitical traffic & duty frequently choose settle. It’s purpose to say that council is paying their observation in appoint to repair the plane of character of such structures & build up past & past indulges & airports encircling the island. The consequences of such decisions is elephantine.In analysis to Colombo indulge, divers indulges are entity set up encircling the island so as to repair the cleverness of dispenseing delay interpolitical traffic & duty. Aportio from that Colombo indulge is scheduled to be expanded to supply up & manipulate past & past containers. Warehousing facilities are scheduled to descant up as polite-behaved. Today e-traffic is widely used by abundant duty structures in srilanka. Through e traffic fellow-creatures can buy products & labors online. But unfortunately e-traffic is used barely in very scant duty structure such as banks & public-houses in Srilanka.Due to exalteder chief investment required to arise such traffic scheme abundant structure are not inclined to hurl e traffic scheme. But howalways it’s purpose to say that e-traffic used by over mentioned structures are at a acceptservicecogent plane. Almost each & perfect bank in srilanka has expedited their fashioners to be expedited through at anyage any residuum updirect in few relieves. Chief transferring, Cheque tome appointing, delaydrawing & uniform reimbursement through visa praise & liability card are incompact them. Uniform some privy hospitals keep supposing e- traffic dexterity. For precedence Nawaloka, Durdorns etc are there.E- Traffic is availservicecogent uniform through variservicecogent phone ,that is e-channeling. Through e-channeling a special can document out any schoolman through his variservicecogent phone. This has principled to repair the teachableness of over structure gone it would classify the traffic strain of opposed points & discover gentle to manipulate the concludementload of the structure. But as mentioned over the deep progeny dispenseing delay e traffic is exalteder modereprimand chief modification. The banks & other structure that dispense delay e traffic ought to be equipped delay new technology aided by cogent scheme & netachievement deeptaining staff.Many structures nowadays guard to use digitalized confidence methods other than manual proceedings. In uniformt of dispenseing delay globalized environment ,there is a abandon of getting defenseless to vulnerservicecogent denunciations such as virus, hackers in a examination of spoiling out their schemes altering ,deleting the counsel of the duty that’s the most perfect portio of any structure. Consequently apt measures to dodge such vulnerservicecogent denunciations deficiency to be set up. Such structure should choose inevitcogent relishments & proceedings to secure the confidence of their scheme as ample as relishly.For precedence, some structures use firewall so as to dodge intruders & hackers. Hackers are the fellow-creatures who admittance others counsel using slow software’s & technology. Gone the counsel is the most treasured fund for any structure they must set up apex confidence on their scheme to secure their schemes are open from vulnerservicecogent denunciations. Documenting mode is another purportant portio in any concludement structure. This has too been question to globalization in Sri Lanka. Earlier there was a tract grounded documentary scheme in almost perfect structure.But nowadays it’s scarcely to see tract grounded documentary scheme as it’s now newized & computerized . Hereafter that has developmented to classify tract jam & concludementload of the structure & consequently there is a dramatical productivity & teachableness proficiency in any concludement structure. Nowadays there are calculate of computer software to dispense delay documentary concludements. MS WORD,MS EXCEL,MS POWER POINT,NOTEPAD etc are few of them. That has made documentary concludement so gentle as always antecedently. Storing,re-establishment & selfcorresponding of documents has grace gentle than always antecedently through e mail ,fax etc.It’s relishly to cast calculate of copies of identical documents /letters to calculate of specials in few relieves at uniformly. This has led to mend the productivity & teachableness of duty structure. We all beneathstand that srilanka has been defenseless to globalization always gone the initiation of liberalized economic cunning in 1977. Gone then there has been a continuity proficiency in twain purport & ship-produce traffic duty. There is a dignified proceeding which is effected inferior the supervision of council authorities such as fashion etc. And it’s vile ecret that smuggling is entity effected in pique of accutrounce supervision. Smugglers try to filch using their own strategy & contingently using slow technology. Consequently it deficiencys to confirm own powerful & confidence proceedings in appoint to dodge such smuggling. Incompact them drugs smuggling chooses a superexcellent settle. We all beneathstand that these drugs can principle for a depart political sorrow. Consequently own structureal proceedings and authorizes keep to be confirmed in appoint to dodge this position inferior the supervision of council.Not barely that delay the aggression of passenger diligence in srilanka, passenger mien trounce has expressively mendd up. Considerservicecogent calculate of passengers comes to Sri Lanka to relish her official grace & bio dissonance per annum. Consequently it’s relishly to fly up transferred deceases delay them. Consequently airports should be expedited & equipped delay new technologies [scanners] to authenticate immigrants delay transferred diseases. Delay the mien of multinational companies such as Uniliver, Coca cola etc, topical duty structures keep countenanced cutting rivalry in the topical dispense itself.Due to liberalized & globalised economic cunning the aggravatesees companies relish multinational companies amply admittance our topical dispense & do their duty as openly as always antecedently. To countenance this global rivalry topical duty structure such as Ceylon composed supplys, CBL should discover their strategies in a way that they can outstrip over multinational structure. The best normal sample is CBL. CBL has frequently been fantastic & experimenting multiplicity of product & hereafter by now it has been serviceservicecogent clutch up past than 90% of the topical dispense outstriping uniform such multinational companies. With globalization relief has grace key part of estate phraseology. Fellow-creatures in srilanka are inclined to squander their convenience age relishing the relief. It’s intelligible cut indication that twain Hollywood & Bollywood industries are opposed to swallow the topical dispense of srilankan film diligence. Due to their exaltedest engaging technological strategy & proceeding camera tricks they keep been serviceservicecogent to furnish apex relief. They are aided not barely by the exaltedest technology but uniform their councils expedite them to repair the plane of character of their film diligence.Therefore apt authorities in srilanka should convergence their observation on this tender position & should do perfectthing relishly to aggravatecome this progeny. Otherwise ahead or after srilankan film diligence get disappearance down forever. Howalways it’s purpose to say that council has effected something to mend the srilankan film diligence. ”RANMINITHENNA” Tele cinema village is a normal sample. We keep to gather ample past things in conditions of technology exercise. The character of film theater deficiencys to be repaird so as to grant a apex relief . We ought to dedicate new technology such as DFT, DOLBY DIGITAL etc.Then barely we can aggravatecome globalised relief rivalry & conclude the dispense. Thus globalization has led to deduce past opportunities & strategies to discover it gentle to manipulate structure & on the other laborer it creates cutting denunciations & rivalry resisting the topical concludement structure as polite-behaved. Consequently on what we should convergence our observation is to manipulate concludement structure infusing its opportunities & outstrip its invaded denunciations & rivalry. Then barely Srilanka would keep a BETTER TOMORROW IN THE CONTEXT OF GLOBALISATION…..