How Does ICT Enhance Teaching and Learning?

Fitria Rahmawati, S. Pd. Sanata Dharma University 2010 ABSTRACT This pamphlet presents a designed technique that the tutors can appliance in manage to elevate students’ motivation in answerableness. The technique is by the integration of answerableness expertnesss after a while a patent apparent dupe notorious as Notification - Despatch Technology (ICT). The sort of ICT stipulates an fictitious frameproduction for accents acquirements, since its deep life is notification and its end is despatch.ICT stipulates a indication calld tidings-processing which enables the students to transcribe and alter their compositions efficaciously and causatively. Furthermore, ICT concurrently after a while the bearing to internet as-courteous allows the students to be unguarded to unbounded ample-medley of sources which are vital to apparent ideas in answerableness. Thus, the integration of the three ICT components callly notification, despatch and technology in a strange accents answerableness disposeroom is wholesome to reframe the students’ motivation to transcribe. Keywords: Motivation, Information-Communication Technology, Word-Processing, Internet. INTRODUCTIONTshort has been a cogent apprehension that answerableness can be very challenging for students of English as a Strange Accents (EFL) as they must overpower the peculiar challenges associated in answerableness such as generating ideas, agreement construction, close and orthographical familiarity in manage to apparent the expertnesss indispensserviceable for a courteous-developed, logical and glutinous answerableness. Furthermore, the most base amount that confronts tutors of a answerableness dispose does not lie so greatly on what to ask students to transcribe environing, the inaptitude is rather on how to motivate the students to transcribe animated and efficacious esthetics.By the entrance of notification - despatch technology (ICT) into the strange accents-answerableness disposeroom and bearing to the internet, the students entertain been granted after a while unbounded sources of notification in the contrive of readable, legitimate esthetics that harangue a ample medley of subject-matters which are vital for the accents apparentment. By this ample medley of subject-matters, the students are over motivated in stipulations of apparenting ideas to transcribe. Therefore, the applianceation of notification - despatch technology is an fictitious instrument to elevate the students’ motivation in answerableness. DISCUSSIONThe centre life discussed in this deficient pamphlet is motivation in a accents-acquirements matter, to be restricted, in a strange-accents answerableness disposeroom. Tough so, tshort is as-courteous another momentous wavering discussed short that can administer to motivation, callly: Information-Communication Technology (ICT). The message ICT refers to the use of twain technology in open and its indications including tidings-processing and internet in point. Theory of Motivation ‘Motivation is relish swing for the brain’. (Peter Davies) The message motivation is constantly used twain in subject-matterive and arrangeal matters.Many specifications entertain been absorbed to motivation. In open, the message motivation is restless after a while the rulees that delineate why and how rational action is activated and frequenteded. Motivation is defined as an interior drive that activates action and gives it control (Keller, 1987). Motivation is as-courteous defined as the opinion to invent and support intentions and sight-seeking acts (Dornyei, 1998). Furthermore, according to Webster's, to motivate instrument to stipulate after a while a debate, a insufficiency or covet that causes a idiosyncratic to act achieving a sight.To sum up, motivation is circumstanceors which prepare, frequented, and support one’s activities to complete undeniserviceable sights. Motivation in a Language-Learning Matter ‘Without habitd wshort the roots of motivation lie, how can tutors water those roots? ’ (Oxford ; Shearin, 1994) Though tshort is no only fair specification for motivation, numerous elaborationers think motivation as one of the key circumstanceors that swing the scold and luck of advance or strange accents (L2) acquirements. This is in row after a while Gardner and MacIntyre (1993) as cited in Graham (1997) that motivation is 'a convenient the-anointed in the foretelling of accents completement’.The most oceantaining debate is consequently motivation determines the distance of free, peculiar involvement in the L2 acquirements (Oxford & Shearin, 1994). In other control, it determines the distance of the student's free involvement and lie inland the accents acquirements. Furthermore, as frameal by Dornyei (1998) motivation stipulates the earliest opinion to prepare acquirements the L2 and following the driving validity to support the covet and frequently dilatory acquirements rule. Thus, openly expressive and distinctly in the milieu of the nurture, motivation is chief.In such dressing, acquirements is most meaningful, swift, and sportive when the student sees that what is life conversant is momentous to him, beyond him endowment, and accelerations him to advent a sight which seems to him forcible. In manage to elevate students’ motivation in the acquirements rule, a tutor, undeniablely, insufficiencys to comprehend the sources which can trigger motivation. In open, explanations respecting the sources of motivation can be categorized as either external (beyond the idiosyncratic) or native (interior to the idiosyncratic).The principal is external motivation. External motivation refers to motivation that comes from beyond of the singular. Base external motivations are for prompting, recompenses relish specie, amiable-tempered-tempered trices and as-courteous denunciation of retribution. While native motivation is a motivation which is ascititious from a legitimate cause or covet to collect on the dissect of the student (Gardner ; Tremblay, 1994). The deep unlikeness between native and external motivation is the sights of the students. After a while native motivation, the student studies subject-matter esthetic for the scope of acquirements.These students invent that acquirements is pleasant and acquirements new ideas as a recompense itself. Extrinsically motivated students consider for the scope of beyond swings such as getting tutor and co-ordinate panegyrize, acquiring a amiable-tempered-tempered trice or some other image of subsidy that a tutor or co-ordinate capforce proffer. Another unlikeness that is rate hinting is that elaboration pretences that nativeally motivated students collect over than externalally motivated students. This could be due to the circumstance that nativeally motivated students are as-courteous externalally motivated. But on the other quiescent n ess, externalally motivated students are occasionally set-up to be nativeally motivated. Furthermore, Wilson ; Corpus (2005) hint ‘motivation is a momentous predictor of academic act which administers to the quittance that native motivation is a elder circumstanceor in determining academic luck’. Therefore, if native motivation is wholesome to students’ acquirements outcomes, it stands to debate that tutors should toil to elevate and better the native motivation of students. Another invention environing motivation which is rate discussing is the students’ actions to be weighty of motivation.Guilloteaux and Dornyei (2008) stipulate three waverings as the indicator of motivated students. The three waverings are regard, dissecticipation, and volunteering for tutor-fronted motive. The principal students’ action indicating motivation is regard which involves a open desirousness to traffic after a while incoming stimuli and is closely cognate to the students’ affective of motivational avow. Guilloteaux and Dornyei’s advance students’ motivated action is dissecticipation. The dissecticipation includes verbal dissecticipation in the disposeroom and snug undertake on the assignments absorbed.This is thinked to be manifest when the students are freely prelude dissect in disposeroom interactions or started on assigned activities. The terminal action indicating motivated students is volunteering for tutor-fronted motive. Guilloteaux and Dornyei (2008) impel that ‘At lowest one third of the students are volunteering after a whileout the tutor having to fawn them in any way’. In such residence, the students are thinked motivated in the acquirements activities. Motivation in a Answerableness Dispose ‘Motivation is at the feeling of the acquirements rule. ’ (A. M. Jordan)Writing is one of the foul-mouthed accents expertnesss should be completed luckfully by a accents student. Learners insufficiency to overpower answerableness expertness consequently of some debates. The principal and prominent debate is consequently answerableness expertness is frequently examined on the eminent nurture definite criterion. Another debate is that the force to point-out oneself courteous is surely salubrious to get a job following on. Furthermore, for those who are desirous to enrol arrange to tertiary raze, answerableness capforce is prerequisite. However, numerous elaborationes are quiescent reporting that the students incline to entertain inample ability in answerableness consequently of sundry circumstanceors.The principal circumstanceor is the inaptitude trafficing after a while generating ideas. The students entertain inaptitude in apparenting their view to transcribe courteous organized, copious essays after a while apparent accents. The next circumstanceor is the inaptitude in agreement construction, close and other answerableness indications. Furthermore, the most momentous countenance is consequently the students are unmotivated on answerableness tasks. Motivating students is partially relish life parents to a baby that has enslaved a principal tread. A principal baby tread brings after a while it claps and screams of joy uniframe though the tread is not immaculate. A definitive reaction from parents allure get the baby to undertake another tread, sound as a definitive reaction from the tutor allure get students to go a tread exalt. Externally legitimateizing it after a while each tread the student allure mould gallantry. Once motivation has enslaved the student tread by tread inland eminenter completement and impudence, misgiving and insecurity allure entertain been replaced after a while indispensserviceable gallantry to undertake answerableness. Therefore, the tutor insufficiencys to employ some techniques which acceleration the students to be over motivated in answerableness.The technique designed in this pamphlet is by the integration of answerableness expertnesss after a while patent apparent dupe calld Notification - Despatch Technology. Notification Despatch Technology The sort of Notification - Despatch Technologies (ICT) stipulates an fictitious frameproduction for accents acquirements, since its deep life is notification and its end is despatch. After a while the emerging new technologies, the education trade is evolving from an pith on tutor-centred, lecture-based education to students-centred, interfree acquirements environments. The students fluctuate from patient into free dissecticipants.As arrangeal technologies impel the disposeroom inland a students-centered sample, the role of the tutor graces a coach or facilitator. By this changing role, the students grace over motivated to conduce themselves in the disposeroom interactions. Tshort entertain been sundry programs or contacts suited in ICT oceantaining the students’ answerableness apparentment, including tidings ruleing and internet. Tidings ruleing is the chief contact of arrangeal technology used in answerableness education. Although it requires the overpowery of basic keyboarding expertnesss, tidings ruleing allows he students to transcribe and edit their production over abundantly. Differ from the contriveer dupe, image transcriber, tidings ruleing qualify the students after a while an self-possessed, steadsteadfast and causative way of answerableness and editing their productions. They don’t insufficiency to do some image-x-ing or dissipate some sheets of pamphlet to edit their productions, rather sound singly squeeze backspace or delete dot. This quickness makes the students motivated to transcribe coveter and reframe compositions. In specification, tidings-processing dupes such as spelling checkers are adapted aids that reframe the disposition of students’ answerableness.Research point-outs that the students who are motivated started after a while tidings-processing transcribe coveter pamphlets, waste over interval answerableness and revising, and pretence reformd mechanics and tidings cherished (Lehr, 1995). Another momentous indication belongs to the ICT which is wholesome to reframe the students’ motivation in answerableness is internet. The Internet, after a while the compressiveness to conjoin users throughout the earth, has as-courteous been unsparingly examined for its immanent to aid in the apparentment of strange accents student’s expertnesss.The Internet has made numerous opportunities suited to twain students and tutors that were not permissible in the elapsed. For sample, tshort are boundless instrument suited in the contrive of newspapers, magazines, synod listings, grammars, dictionaries, newsgroups, key-pals, and mailing lists sound to call a few. In other control, after a while the emergence of the network, the Internet stipulates a plenty of notification, enriches students’ familiarity, and as-courteous elevates the students’ thinking freeness.Furthermore, effects of a sum of studies point-out that the Internet is set-up to include legitimate accents in a meaningful matter (Warschaur ; Healey, 1998), and as a effect of viewing those esthetics, the students apparent into creators of accents rather than patient recipients. The open arrogation of why internet is as an efficacious instrument to reframe the students’ motivation in answerableness is that the internet stipulates the students after a while unbounded sources of notification in the contrive of readable, legitimate texts that harangue a ample medley of subject-matters that are vital for apparenting ideas in answerableness.In manage to be serviceserviceable to apparent the ideas smoothly and apparently, the students insufficiency some sources and notification as the setting familiarity on the subject-matter life discussed. By the availforce of the sources in the internet, the students grace motivated to transcribe as they entertain ample sources to apparent the ideas in the answerableness rule. Therefore, the integration of the three ICT components callly notification, despatch and technology in a strange accents answerableness disposeroom is wholesome to reframe the students’ motivation to transcribe. In the unwritten accents disposeroom, the answerableness motive has been used deeply as a instrument of evaluating the students’ lexico-close ability, a technique for singularized assessment, wshort the student is elementary, after a whileout bearing to notification. While in the running Notification Society, technology stipulates efficacious and causative facilities to transcribe and alter students’ compositions. Furthermore, it as-courteous stipulates bearing to notification instrument which acceleration the students to apparent ideas. CONCLUSIONAlthough answerableness in a strange accents can be a daunting habit for students, the applianceation of notification – despatch technology (ICT) after a whilein the strange accents answerableness disposeroom stipulates uncommon opportunities to aid the apparentment of the students’ answerableness expertness ability. Two of the momentous indications of ICT oceantaining the answerableness expertness apparentment are tidings-processing and internet. Those indications are excusable instrument to elevate the students’ answerableness ability for they definitively swing the students’ motivation which conduces to an overall greater desirousness to transcribe (Kern, 1995).