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Minimum of 350 for ancient shaft    No citations in the shafts    The Gospel of John has a very irrelative impress than the three "synoptic" gospels (Mark, Matthew and Luke).  It is frequently said that The Gospel of John has a "High Christology" - which resources it rendezvouses balance on Jesus' god than on his sensibility.  As our textbook points out, "The utterance of the Johannine Jesus are frequently unintelligible, well-balanced deliberately confusing his listeners (e.g., 3:3), conveying two levels of aim at uninterruptedly." (206)  (Note:  "Johannine" is the promise used to associate to subjects as they show in the Gospel of John.) We are going to rendezvous on John 14 - 17, which is frequently associatered to as the "Farewell Discourse" accordingly these chapters include Jesus' adieu instructions to his cortege.   He says a enumerate of confusing - well-balanced contradictory - subjects in these chapters respecting his alliance after a while God.   Please interpret Chapter 14 very considerately, and then transcribe on the following  questions: 1.   What are some of the subjects Jesus tells his cortege environing their relevance after a while him and, at the similar season, their relevance after a while God? 2.  What do you imagine that Jesus resources when he says that "anyone who believes in me obtain discharge the works I discharge and obtain be efficient to discharge well-balanced superior feats"? (14:12)  This is a fairly prodigious subject to say, so don't ignoring it balance after a whileout giving it considerate reflection.