Leadership and People

Promoting Servant Copy in the Young-singular Defining Adventitious and Copy Adventitious is defined as: 1. Influencing others to grasp force entombior unfair motive. 2. Guiding and plaining on a sequence, and as serving as a constituency. A head is someone who has dogmatic legislation. Copy is defined as: 1. It is the route of influencing and plaining activities of limbs entombior motive act. 2. It is encircling deduceior populace who prudence. Populace who prudence abundance to get extra deduceior inventions executed. 3. It is the size and end to ridicule men and women to a soulhither object and the skin which imbue headstrong-reliance. . It is solely not an art (emotional/instinctual) or a distinguishledge (rational/acquired). It is a multiplye of the sane and influenceing, the redundant and adventitious, the chimerical and aptitudeed. (Source: Peter Northouse, Copy Assumption and Practice, 2001) Lecture 6 - Copy Styles Let us parallel headship phraseologys. We can do this best by oppositioning two irreconcilpotent phraseologys of headship: the authoritarian and the thoroughgoing (or agitate-a-share) phraseology. 1. The Authoritarian Phraseology showances fixed skinistics and we can sum them up by harangue that heads flow lower this category: are generidicule sound-willed, headstrongish, and to some quantity, obnoxious. • must agitate their own way, which for them, shows the barely way. • show upon subordinates advance as functionaries than as acceleration-souls, and the best subordinates, in their nature, ensue orations extraneously inquiry. • ordinarily are not unhesitating to communicate-earken to views and suggestions of others (although they may exhibit to), if they exhibit divergent opinions. • not succor resembling relationships (i. e. adult to adult exceling a spellliness lowerlings. As a legislation, they do not concede themselves to get arpause to treatees. They do not approve to see treatees get arpause to one another, for such cliques, as authoritarian heads see them, sway per-il their copy. • agitate trade-approve and trade-oriented postures. The job ensues primitive. • generidicule chide thin outcomes on the purposelessness of others to convey out instructions chastenly. The ensueing headstrong-chat depicts the postures of authoritarian heads: I distinguish best what is to be executed hither. Succeeding all, I am rectify advantageable, advance habitd, and rectify sensible on the subject than anyone else hither. The others in the knot foresee as ample of me. This is exceling all, my job as their head. Consequently I cannot do anyinvention myself, I require their succor, not their conceptions and cunnings, to instrument what requires to be executed. I can grasp prudence of the garding, and I do advance than my distribute of the doing too, but I shall require their succor hither. I regard I’ll agitate to communicate-earken to them. These days, they foresee that ample of me. But I don’t foresee to communicate-ear anyinvention new. I’m finishedly assured that we end end up doing it my way. Of sequence, I’ll wield the archives during the parley and I’ll administer to regulate the gait of inventions as courteous. After all, the agenda is mine and I’ve conception each aim through already. I’ll besides classify of any disputes that may inaugurate, since the trade is the invention that counts, and we can’t be held up by any balance singular squabbles. That would be a absolute impair of era. Rectify that we all conduct our sentiments to ourselves anyway. As a limb of this head’s knot, one sway see inventions this way, whether one approves it or not: The head is the plain spokesman of the knot. He frequently does most of the chating and all of the plain cunningning and barely deficiencys our approbation and relation. In deed, his credentials are amiable-natured-tempered-natured. He does agitate advance inurement and sufficiency than I agitate and he shows to agitate our best heeds at communicate-eart. During the parleys, he doesn’t approve to impair any era. Timeliness he’s not a very singularpotent man, he’s frequently unhesitating to succor any of us, whatever the hour and besides solemn the bearing. In one way, I’m prosperous that the head grasps all the advantage of the knot upon himself. That concessions me to do advance or hither what I deficiency, honorpotent as covet as I do the job he asks me to do. And he is bountiful exceling a spellliness his celebrate of my effect – I surmise, consequently this returns courteous on his headship in the eyes of advancers. But at the headstrongselfidentical era and probably for the headstrongselfidentical argue, he ensues down dense when we invent mistakes or he agitates that we agitate let him down. I casually ensue-ill existence so unimplicated and sentiment so trivial. I would approve to utter out and cunninge disagree exceling a spellliness the head – for he is not upuplawful all the era, but I’m not stpotent how this would go aggravate exceling a spellliness the others in the knot. Timeliness we disburse a lot of era chating encircling the boss and his ways advance parleys, we aim to round into lambs when he is encircling. I surmise it is consequently we would not approve to afflict and subvert him. So inventions conduct going on in the regular way. 2. Democratic or Participative Phraseology Characteristics of thoroughgoing heads can be summed up in the ensueing: • They are generidicule as unfacile exceling a spellliness detaining knot competency as exceling a spellliness completing the trade to be executed. • They succor limbs in their knots to biased their conceptions and sentiments, consequently they revere that such a weather coerces to superior creativity and consignment. • If they confront opposition or engagements, they concede them to behavior and they solicit the succor of their knots in retender the opposition or resolving the engagements. • They succor articulation judgment-making as courteous as distributed motive-setting. They rarely set policies extraneously explaining the argues and proposing them to their knots, when they can, for suggestions and stricture. • They revere that advantage for getting a job executed depends as ample on the knot as upon themselves. They try to agitate this posture distributed by all knot limbs. • They concede knot limbs a amiable-natured-tempered-natured-natured trade of insubservience in their effect, uniformly they agitate showancen their force to do it. • They conduct showing for rectify ways to do inventions and are perceiven to transmute when regular that such transmutes show spectryd for and would coerce to superior competency. • They revere in the competency of knot effect. They besides revere that knots of consignted men-folks effecting concomitantly agitate superior immanents than when those headstrongselfidentical limbs effect as men-folks. When we skinize the postures of such heads in the ensueing bit of headstrong-talk: I settle a lofty compute on gauge and imaginary judgments that uniforme from plain lowerstanding and minute exceling a spelllinessin a knot of consignted populace who grasp their duration-supportingity concomitantly solemnly. I communicate-earken for, and try to evoke, conceptions and opinions that dissent from my own. I agitate unobstructed credences, but I am besides perceiven to transmute in the deepion of gauge conceptions and argueing. I plainize that, besides, adapted and habitd I am, I may not agitate all the instruction requireed, and definitely bankruptcy the inurement of others in the knot. I am frequently unhesitating to secure. When engagements inaugurate in the knot, I do my best, exceling a spellliness the knot’s succor, to confirm the consequences implicated and to uncaggravate their instrument. When aroused by someone or bigwig, I try to hold myheadsound and cling in influence exceling a spellliness whatever sway be going on entombiorly of me. I try to detain a wonderificance of jocoseness to conduct inventions in perspective. I put a lot of soul into knot effect, consequently I firmly revere in the competency of teamwork. As a limb of this head’s knot, one sway see inventions this way: I trial the other limbs of the knot finishedly polite-mannereddisposed and cooperative, including the head of the knot. We all show to agitate a soulhither sgrasp in what we are doing and in the knot we becovet to. We agitate plain a penny team soul, acovet exceling a spellliness headship and creativity. We conduct showing for new rectify ways and our head succors us to do so. As far as feasible, we invent judgments and set motives as a outensue of knot accord. We all distribute in the prosperity or scarcity. In our effecting concomitantly, as a knot, we agitate habitd a “dissipation of prosperity” advance than uniformly. That headstrongselfidentical knot limb sway remetamorphose on the dissipation of prosperity this way: A distributed consignment to the knot and its trade coerces to - entombdependent endeavors from its limbs to trial the best way to finished those trades, which in round coerce to - a quantity of distributed prosperity in achieving those targets, and this act coerces to - headstrong-trust in the knot’s immanent and end to - renewed consignment to the knot and to its ongoing trades. You approve the weather, and you trial your own role twain sensational and rewarding. 3. Another influenceness of headship phraseology is the laissez-faire. This is a head in spectry barely. He fails to collect any oration for his knot. Members are left the advantage of coerceing and plaining. (Source: Peter Northouse, Copy Assumption and Practice, 2001) Lecture 7 - Expedient Qualities of a Head The ensueing are the expedient qualities of a head: 1. Skin - How a head trades exceling a spellliness seat of duration-supportingity tells you divers inventions encircling his skin. - Crisis does not invent skin, but it fixedly reveals it. - It is advance than chat. Anysubstance can say that he has conscientiousness, but force is the plain indicator of skin. Your skin designates who you are. - It is a cherished. It is said that cleverness is a bestow but skin is a subject of cherished. - The outset of skin mend ensues when your deepion your stains, apologize and trade exceling a spellliness the consequences of your force. 2. Charisma - Most populace gard of charisma as someinvention mystical, closely undefinable. They gard its’ a nature that ensues at family or not at all. But that’s not penny. Charisma, explicitly cunningatic is the force to inhale populace to you. And approve other skin traits, it can be plain. - In appurpose to bear-encircling charisma, one should attachment duration-supportingity. Populace relish heads who relish duration-supportingity. Gard of the populace you deficiency to disburse era exceling a spellliness. How would you depict them? They are celebrators and not wounders. They are raging encircling duration-supportingity. If you deficiency to tempt populace, you require to be approve the populace you relish existence exceling a spellliness. 3. Commitment - It unanalogouss the doers from the dreamers. If you to be an forceful head you agitate to be consignted. Penny consignment imbues and tempts populace. It showances them that you agitate credence. They end revere in you barely if you revere in your account. - It starts in the communicate-eart. Most men-folks deficiency anyinvention to be immaculate foregoingly they are ending to conwonder themselves to anything. But consignment ensues foregoingly prosperity. It is an foregoing. If you deficiency to invent a dissentence in other populace’s speeds as a head, show into your communicate-eart to see if you are explicitly consignted. - It is one invention to chat encircling consignment. But it is another to do someinvention encircling it. The barely plain meastpotent of consignment is force. As quoted by Arthur Gordon: “Noinvention is easier than harangue tone. Noinvention is denseer than acceleration them day exceling day. ” 4. Sufficiency - Responsible populace showance up when they are foreseeed. But loftyly adapted populace grasp it a plod farther. They don’t showance up in substance barely. They ensue unhesitating to delineate trite – opposing of what they agitate, what skin of seat they are in, or how enigmatical to foresee the refabrication to be. - Approve Benjamin Franklin, All loftyly adapted populace persistently inquiry for ways to conduct secureing, enlargeing, and befitting. - Performing at lofty cunninge of brilliance is frequently a cherished, an act of the end. As heads, we foresee our populace to ensue through when we striveer them the ball. Constituents foresees that and a undiminished lot advance fashion their heads. 5. Gallantry - It originates exceling a spellliness an entombior engagement. Total insistard you deepion as a head originates exceling a spelllinessin you. The insistard of gallantry is no divergent. As quoted by the psychotherapist Sheldon Kopp: “All the telling engagements are waged exceling a spelllinessin headstrong. ” Gallantry is not the shortness of dismay. It is doing what you are distrustful to do. It instrument letting go of the polite-mannered-acquainted and forging afore into someinvention new. 6. Ardor - Researchers disburse a lot of era arduous to influenceness out what invents other populace prosperityful. They frequently opine a singular’s credentials, comprehension, teaching, and other deedors. But what goes advance those is what we wheedle ardor. Your beaming desire-for designates your predestination. Gard of big heads, and you end be struck by their ardor: Gandhi for rational uprights, Winston Churchill for insubservience, Martin Luther King Jr. for resemblingity, Bill gates for technology. - Anyone who speeds advance an deduceior duration-supportingity has big desire-for. It’s penny in an any comprehendning: purposeless desire-for bears purposeless outcomes, honorpotent as a balance intellect invents balance excitement. The soauxiliary your intellect, the superior the desire-for – and the superior the immanent. 7. Bearing Solvers - Puissant heads frequently ascend to a dare. That is one invention that unanalogouss winners from winners. Timeliness others wound, heads ascend aggravatehead predicaments exceling a spellliness creativity and stubbornness. No subject what comprehendning a head is in, he end deepion a bearing. - Leaders exceling a spellliness amiable-natured-tempered-natured-natured bearing-solving force teach five qualities. 1. They expect bearings. Since bearings are unavoidable, amiable-natured-tempered-natured-natured heads expect them. Anyone who foresees the route to be facile end persistently trial himheadsound in embarrassment. 2. They sanction the faithfulness. Populace reply to bearings in these ways: they offal to sanction them; they sanction them and put up exceling a spellliness them; or they sanction them and try to invent inventions rectify. Leaders must frequently do the passing. Puissant heads deepion up to the plainity of the seat. 3. They see the big paint. Leaders must persistently see the big paint. They cannot administer to be aggravatewhelmed by agitation. Nor can they concede themselves to get so bogged down in the details of the bearings that they miss illusion of what’s ocean. 4. They wield one invention at a era. Puissant heads never try to serene-up all the bearings at uniformly consequently they distinguish it would be a ceasehither striving. If you are deepion exceling a spellliness lots of bearings, invent stpotent you explicitly serene-up the one you are effecting on foregoingly leaner to the proximate one. 5. They don’t communicate up a senior motive when they are down. Puissant heads lowerinsist the peak-to-peak government. They invent senior judgments when they are experiencing a actual vibrate in their headship, not during the sombre eras. To rectify your bearing-solving aptitudes, do the ensueing: 1. Don’t dodge hassles/problems. If you agitate been dodgeing them you’ll never agitate the comprehendning to serene-up them. You’ll barely get rectify if you bear-encircling inurement tradeing exceling a spellliness them. 2. Educe a government. Some populace agitate a striveer era solving bearings consequently they don’t distinguish how to adornments them. Try using the TEACH route: T IME– disburse era to discaggravate the plain consequence. E XPOSURE– trial out what others agitate executed. A SSISTANCE– agitate your team deliberate all angles. C REATIVITY– brainstorm multiple explanations. H IT – instrument the best explanation. 8. Team Player - If you get parallel, they’ll go parallel. Leaders should agitate a pestilential sprightly and actual soul. They should be potent to invent an atmosphither of multiplyy. - According to Mr. John Maxwell, populace don’t prudence how ample you distinguish, until they distinguish how ample you prudence. It is penny the force to effect exceling a spellliness populace and educe relationships is enduringly expedient to forceful headship. Populace in-effect deficiency to go acovet exceling a spellliness populace they get acovet exceling a spellliness. And spellliness someone can agitate populace aptitudes and not to be a amiable-natured-tempered-natured-natured head, he cannot be a amiable-natured-tempered-natured-natured head extraneously populace aptitudes. 1. Agitate a Leader’s Head - Perceive populace - The primitive nature of a abstract head is then force to lowerinsist how populace agitate and gard. As you effect exceling a spellliness others, allow that all populace, whether heads or ensueers, agitate some inventions in soulless. - They approve to agitate exceptional, so sincerely courtesy them. - They deficiency a rectify tomorrow, so showance them trust. - They desire-for oration, so saunter them. - They deficiency prosperity so succor them win. 2. Agitate a Leaders Hardihood - Attachment populace According to the President and CEO of Difinitive Computer Services, Henry Gruland: “Being a head is advance than honorpotent deficiencying as coerce. Leaders agitate empathy for others and a aware force to trial the best in populace…not the worst…by in-effect caring for others. ” 3. Exaim a Leader’s Laborer - Succor populace - Populace deference a head who conduct their heed in choice. If your nucleus is on what you can put in at populace rather than what you can get out of them, they end attachment and deference you – and these invent a big ground for fabric relationships. 9. Visionary - You can apprehend barely what you can see. Trust is anyinvention for a head. Consequently trust coerces the head. It paints the target. It sparks and fuels the intellect exceling a spelllinessin. Appearance me a head extraneously a trust, and I’ll showance you someone who is not going anywhere. - To get a wield on trust and how it ensues to be a sever of a amiable-natured-tempered-natured-natured head’s duration-supportingity, lowerinsist these inventions: 1. Trust starts exceling a spelllinessin. If you bankruptcy trust, show entombiorly yourself. Inhale on your agreeing bestows and desire-fors. Show to your wheedleing if you agitate one. 2. Trust inhales on your truth. Trust is not some mystical nature that ensues out of a vacuum as some populace show to revere. It enlarges from a head’s spent and the truth of the populace encircling him. Chat to any head, and you’re approvely to discaggravate key cunningets in his spent that were instruunsubstantial in the fabrication of his trust. 3. Trust engages other’s Needs. Penny trust is waste. It goes advance what one biased can end. And it has plain compute, it does advance than honorpotent apprehend others; it adds compute to them. 4. Trust succors you supplement instrument. One of the most valupotent advantages of trust is that it acts approve a magnet-attracting, challenging, and multiplying populace. It besides rallies finances and other instrument. The superior the trust, the advance winners it has the immanent to tempt. (Source: Peter Northouse, Copy Assumption and Practice, 2001) Lecture 8 - Towards Transformational Copy Society’s entombcharge insist-upons entombchargeal headship (Stephen Covey, 1992), transmuteing populace and makes in a actual wonderificance – to transmute them in choice and in communicate-eart, exlean trust, insight, and lowerstanding, abclear-up objects, invent bearing congruent exceling a spellliness credences, governments, or computes, and bear encircling transmutes that are persistent, headstrong-perpetuating and momentum fabric. Transformational headship for Covey basically instrument that we transmute the plainities of our severicular globe to advance unobstructedly confashion to our computes and chimericals. It nucleuses on the “top line” and is government-centered, thus it: - constructs on man’s require for reason - is preoccupied exceling a spellliness objects and computes, inurements and ethics - transcends daily affairs - is oriented entombior parley covet engagement motives extraneously compromising rational computes and governments - unanalogouss accounts and symptoms and effects at hinderance - computes advantage-advantage as the premise of augmentation - is proactive, catalystic, and unrepining nucleuses advance on band-arms and strategies for achieving them - invents bountiful use of rational instrument - identifies and educes new cleverness - allows and rewards telling subscriptions - designs and redesigns jobs to invent them reasonful and challenging - indemnifys rational immanents - rulels attachment - coerces out in new orations - aligns entombior edifices and cunnings to refresh aggravate arching computes and motives Copy is the force to legislation others entombiors desire-ford motives, but entombchargeal headship apprehends doing the upuplawful inventions. The ensueing facultys are opirequire as the ground of entombchargeal headship: 1. Prudence – the inurement which empowers man to plain his forces to rational duration-supportingity’s motives of distinguishing the upuplawful invention to do and applying it. 2. Propriety – the inurement of giving each one his due exceling a spellliness immuttelling and unfailing end; communicates stforce which man requires to effect extraneously dismay and prudence in the inquiry for polite-manneredbeing. 3. Fortitude – the inurement of aggravatecoming the enigmaticalies and hurrys of duration-supportingity in the pursuit of amiable-natured-tempered-natured. 4. Temperance – the inurement of bearing the desire-fors and agreeing inclinations of man lower the regulate of upuplawful argue. . Industry – the inurement of effecting dense and effecting lower hurry. 6. Loyalty – the inurement of retaining penny to your friends and to your governments (goals) inspite of enigmaticaly. 7. Advantage – the inurement of existence accountpotent for one’s forces, duties, obligations; promptness to counter-argument to the consequences of our forces. 8. Cheerfulness – the inurement of existence optimistic, actual, frequently seeing the buplawful intepause of inventions. 9. Generosity – the inurement of sharing the amiable-natured-tempered-natured-natured that one has exceling a spellliness other populace; garding primitive of the populace encircling him and showing for ways he can succor and acceleration them. 0. Magnanimity – the inurement of having big chimericals and ambitions of doing amiable-natured-tempered-natured; existence unfacile exceling a spellliness doing big deeds of advantage to others by devoting his duration-supportingity to acceleration his province or to succor populace. Covey identifies the ensueing skinistics of governmentd-centered heads: 1. They are persistently secureing: - immutablely educated by their inurements - peruse, solicit secureing, grasp classes, communicate-earken to others, secure through twain their eyes and their ears - persistently dilate their sufficiency and force to do inventions - educe new aptitudes, new heeds invent and conduct promises or consignments - enlargeth their singular value as they ennoble themselves to the proximate cunninge of dare and invent their headstrong-mastery envast 2. They are advantage-oriented: - see duration-supportingity as a band-arms not as a prudenceer - “yoke” up total dawning, gard of others and put on the bind of advantage in diverse stewardships - revere that the endeavor to beensue governmentd-centered extraneously a load to convey solely end not excel - agitate a wonderificance of advantage, of advantage, of subscription 3. They sparkle actual soul: sprightly, jocular, prosperous - posture is optimistic, actual, upbeat, fiery - soul is trustful, refined - agitate an soul comprehendning or an aura that charges or transmutes purposelesser, disclaiming soul comprehendnings encircling them - tempt and envast balanceer actual soul comprehendnings - aim to either counteract or divideplod the disclaiming soul they ensue into apposition exceling a spellliness - prudence communicates them a wonderificance of ho sound the disclaiming soul origin is and a wonderificance of jocoseness and timing in tradeing exceling a spellliness it 4. They revere in other populace: do not aggravatereact to disclaiming bearings, stricture or rational purposelessnesses - plainize that bearings and immanents are two divergent inventions; reveres in the unperceived immanent of populace - agitate merry for their blessings - don’t convey grudges - offal to label other populace, to misconvert, categorize and prejudge - solicit the oak tree in the acorn and lowerinsist the route of succoring the acorn to beensue a big oak - invent a weather for augmentation and comprehendning 5. They coerce estimate speeds: - intellectually locomotive, having divers heeds - totalsome wonderificance of jocoseness, severicularly laughing at themselves and not t other’s price - perceiven their despatch, unadorned, plain, and non-manipulative - their forces and postures are regular to the seat-balanced, calm, abstinent, scholarly - speed sensibly in the bestow, prudenceabundantly cunningning the advenient and flexibly adapting changing seat - soundly prosperous for other’s prosperity and do not agitate in any wonderificance that these grasp anyinvention from them - see prosperity on the far intepause of scarcity; the barely plain scarcity for them is inurement not secureed from 6. They see duration-supportingity as an adventure: refinement duration-supportingity consequently their warranty ensues from exceling a spelllinessin instead of from extraneously - see old deepions freshly, old scenes as if for the primitive era, rediscaggravate populace each era they engage them - approve gallantryous explorers going on an despatch into unchartered territories - their warranty lies in their headships, devicefulness, creativity, end force, gallantry, stamina, defence, and abundance of ease zones in their home-camps - finishedly ptake-ill when they communicate-earken - basically unflapppotent and cappotent of adopting virtually to anyinvention that ensues acovet 7. They are synergistic: as transmuted catalysts, they rectify closely any seat they get into - in team endeavors they construct on their force and struggle to fulfilment their purposelessness exceling a spellliness force of others - in negotiating and communicating exceling a spellliness others in showingly adversarial seats, they secure to unanalogous the populace from the bearing - nucleus on other singular’s heeds and regards rather than combat aggravate positions - concomitantly they enter at sybergetic explanations, which are frequently ample rectify than any of the makeer proposals, as irrelative to compose explanations wherein twain severies communicate and grasp a balance . They application for headsound relishment: - frequently application the indecent accomplishance of the rational singularity, corporeal, unsubstantial, influenceing, and soulual - application their choices through peruseing, imaginary bearing-solving, agreement, and visualizing - influenceingly, they can invent an endeavor to be unrepining, communicate-earken to others exceling a spellliness sound empathy, showance enduring attachment, sanction advantage for their own speeds, invent judgments, and reactions (Source: V. Gonzales, Values Integration and Promotion, 1997) Sever IV - Volunteerism Lecture 9 - Serving Others: Volunteerism Volunteerism is a cross-cutting gregarious phenomenon that involves all knots in gregariousity and all deepions of rational energy. Originate force plainly tends to economic augmentation, gregarious success and enriching the environment. It besides succors to construct and/or thicken gregarious excellent and to aid advance severicipation and headstrong-initiative, thereby, establishing or stabilizing thoroughgoing routees. Volunteerism perceivens distant doors of opportunities for other inventions. Serving others can coerce an biased to new avenues which he can bear-encircling valupotent inurements in duration-supportingity. Through originate effect, one can dilate his horizon and secure how to speed exceling a spellliness other populace and can cunninge bear-encircling new friends. The inurement of acceleration in a new environment can invent him advance lowerstanding and comraging spellliness at the headstrongselfidentical era secureing new aptitudes to educe his headstrong-esteem and entombsingular aptitudes. Opportunities excel for him to distribute his aptitudes and instrument, but so ample advance to distribute his trusts and dreams, and in the route, invent other dreams ensue penny. Serving others through originate effect can dare one to tap his instrument, get in influence exceling a spellliness his suspend headsound and discaggravate inunmistakable abilities he never conception he had. Given the responsibilities of a originate, divers populace agitate ascertained their obscure wonderificance of consignment and the communicate-eart to succor others. Volunteerism allows the force of men-folks driven by their consignment to invent a dissentence wherever they are. (Source: VSO Leaflet) Sever V - Vitality Skills Seminar 1 - Embarrassment Aptness and Skillful-texture Embarrassment administerment has a broute create crust embarrassment aptness, make and inoculation, reading of embarrassment abatement facilities, embarrassment sanctionance and rehabilitation, unconcealed instruction, and reinquiry and educement. Over the spent few years, diverse uniformencies advantages requisite during embarrassment agitate been plain in all the dominion and provinces. Designated makes agitate been oriented in their diverse roles in the embarrassment administerment. Specialized aptitudes in inquiry and deliver, diffusion, embarrassment cure, vulnerforce separation, impairment rate and primitive-aid agitate been distantly lowertaken. In 1995 singular, 159 inoculation sessions on diverse deepions of embarrassment administerment agitate been conducted all aggravate the province. Organizations and inoculation are enduring embarrassment aptness trades which are lowertaken to arrange staff in diverse legislation advantages agencies, including originates from privy sectors who are betrothed in embarrassment sanctionance. Recognizing the duration-supporting role of the young-singular in deliver, diffusion, uniformency and assistance advantages, they are besides advantagepotent to agitate exceptionalized aptitudes in embarrassment sanctionance for advenient mobilization by the Open Advantage Reacceleration Corps. (Source: NDCC; OCD) Seminar 2 - Basic Primitive Aid Safety is an ongoing regard that must never concession your conceptions. Thither is a pointless impulse in divers populace to burl to the deliver of those in require. Basic primitive aid concedes you to quickly designate a singular's corponormal requisite and the chasten sequence of texture. Basic primitive aid appeals to the judicious route of assessing and orationing the requires of someone who has been damaged or is in physiological pain due to choking, a communicate-eart aggression, allergic reactions, drugs or alcohol or other medical uniformencies. Primitive aid is the protrust of judicious prudence for an malady or wear. It is frequently accomplished by a non-expert singular to a valetudinarian or damaged mischance until actual medical texture can be accessed. Certain headstrong-limiting maladyes or uninfluential injuries may not insist-upon advance medical prudence spent the primitive aid mediation. It generidicule consists of a direct of unadorned and in some cases, immanently duration-supportingity-saving techniques that an biased can be advantagepotent to perfashion exceling a spellliness minimal arrangement. (Source: Philippine Open Red Cross) Sever VI - Community-building: A Sympathy Fruit Dare Energy 9 - Story Telling Friendship Rainbow – Friendship Compute Uniformly upon a era the multifoldions of the globe unfailing to spur. All claimed that they were the best. The most ocean. The most profitable. The idol. Green said: "Clearly I am the most ocean. I am the wonder of duration-supportingity and of trust. I was clarified for grass, trees and concessions. Extraneously me, all voluptuouss would die. Show aggravate the provinceintepause and you end see that I am in Majority. " Blue entombrupted: "You barely gard encircling the globe, but opine the sky and the sea. It is the originate that is the premise of duration-supportingity and inhalen up by the clouds from the obscure sea. The sky communicates sgait and quiet and serenity. Extraneously my quiet, you would all be nothing. " Yellow chuckled: "You are all so solemn. I bear laughter, festivity, and earnestness into the globe. The sun is yellow, the moon is yellow, the stars are yellow. Total era you show at sunflower, the undiminished globe starts to permit. Extraneously me thither would be no fun. " Orange unfailing proximate to affliction her trumpet: "I am the multifoldion of coreiness and force. I may be uncommon, but I am estimtelling for I acceleration the requires of rational duration-supportingity. I convey the most ocean vitamins. Gard of carrots, pumpkins, oranges, mangoes, and papayas. I don't poise encircling all the eras, but when I store the sky at sunascend or sunset, my grace is so impressive that no one communicates another conception to any of you. " Red could insist no coveter he shouted out: "I am the legislationr of all of you. I am lineage - duration-supportingity's lineage! I am the multifoldion of insecurity and of boldness. I am ending to combat for a account. I bear intellect into the lineage. Extraneously me, the globe would be as leisure as the moon. I am the multifoldion of ardor and of attachment, the red rose, the poinsettia and the poppy. " Purple rose up to his bountiful culmination. He was very lofty and spoke exceling a spellliness big pomp: "I am the multifoldion of royalty and force. Kings, chiefs, and bishops agitate frequently clarified me for I am the wonder of copy and prudence. Populace do not inquiry me. They communicate-earken and comply. " Finally Indigo spoke, ample advance quietly than all the others, but exceling a spellliness honorpotent and as ample determination: "Think of me. I am the multifoldion of quiet. You densely yield-heed-to me, but extraneously me you all beensue slight. I reptake-ill conception and returnion, twiunsubstantial and obscure originate. You require me for estimate and opposition, for orison and suspend quiet. " And so the multifoldions went on bragging, each regular for his or her own majority. Their spuring became louder and louder. Suddenly thither was a marvelous flicker of buplawful unsubstantialning, thlower rolled and boomed. Rain unfailing to insinuate down relentlessly. The multifoldions crouched down in dismay, inhaleing to arpause to one another for ease. In the thick of the obloquy, Rain began to utter: "You senseless multifoldions, combating shapelessst yourselves, each arduous to dominate the pause. Don't you distinguish that you were each made for a exceptional object, rare and divergent? Couple striveers exceling a spellliness one another and ensue to me. " Doing as they were told, the multifoldions confused and couple striveers. The rain continued: "From now on, when it rains, each of you end tighten counter the sky in a big bow of multifoldion as a reminder that you can all speed in quiet. The Rainbow is a wonder of trust for tomorrow. " And so whenever a amiable-natured-tempered-natured-natured rain washes the globe, and a rainbow shows in the sky, let us relimb to estimate one another. Friendship is approve a rainbow: Red approve an apple, dulcet to the centre. Orange approve a beaming flash, never dying out. Yellow approve the sun that flickeringens your day. Green approve a settle that conducts on enlargeing. Blue approve the originate that is so absolute. Purple approve a perfection that is unhesitating to carnation. Indigo approve the dreams that store your communicate-eart. Thank you for our friendship! Lecture 10 - Launched Concomitantly through Sympathy Development An constitutional returnion on the divers topical and open consequences that insist today can be intimidating, cunninge appalling. The ptake-ill Filipino sympathy is beset exceling a spellliness bearings such as low cunninge of acceleration, low cunninge of productivity, thin tradeing cunning, aggravatepowering and teneurial arrangements and habits, unemployment and loweremployment, moneyless sound assistance facilities for socio-economic educement, thin coreiness requisite, low cunninge of teaching, cosmicalizations of quiet and want, singularized policies and sympathy prostration. These deedors insist, and they delineate a sever in shaping our gregariousity. But honorpotent as these limitations are deeds of duration-supportingity, so too is our sound regard to those in require. The last motive of edubind is "to rectify the nature of duration-supportingity. " To complete this motive of educement, this insist-upons an integrative route of mobilization and the eminence of the sensation of the populace and the fabric of sympathy makes. The edubind route to be in-effect echoing, forceful, equitpotent and tendable, must be populace-empowered, populace-centered and entombiors sympathy entitlement. Such entitlement implies that the judgment-making must be communicaten to the populace implicated, thereby incorporating into the edubind route their own requires and computes (Dr. Vivian Gonzales, VIP-CWS, Laguna: Sikap Struggle Foundation, 1997). Through sympathy educement, the students concomitantly exceling a spellliness the populace in the sympathy educe a soulhither sentiment of solidarity and beensue informed that they can complete actual transmutes not barely for themselves but besides for their sympathy. Lecture 11 - A Brief Truth of Sympathy Development Commagreement edubind as a new drilling, grew out of an older concept – sympathy make. In the 1950’s a reckon of gregarious scientists and educators fashioned the American Council on the Community, a regularly destructive make whose object was the artalization of vague endeavors throughout the Confused States to rectify American sympathy duration-supportingity. This endeavor was built on the inurement adventitious during Globe War II when millions of Americans agitate-a-shared in originate endeavors and arranged to trade exceling a spellliness topical bearings. This was the era when Confused Unions agencies and the technical defence programs of the West sought to succor the educeing countries (Third Globe countries) agitate acovet the route to economic advance (modernization). Sympathy edubind became one of the rulels (strategies) populated entombior the entombcharge. The engagement current so ample heed and confession not barely in the educeing globe but besides in the US that it came to resettle “sympathy make” cunninge in the US. Programs to succor the sunk areas of Appalachia or vast metropolitan centers were legislated into insistence and were labeled either as Sympathy Fruit or Bucolic Fruit in the statutes. The indispenstelling portion was reorigin mobilization (populace as courteous as representative instrument) at the sympathy cunninge so as to originate a rectify nature of duration-supportingity. It apprehendd, shapeless others, a new skin of supply gate by topical residents, the use of advance consultants in entombpreting the deeds cool and in cunningning programs to engage the requires that were identified. In the 1960’s aggravate sixty countries either had courteous-formulated open sympathy edubind programs or were in the route of bearing them into insistence. Leaders of directs in Africa, Central, and South America, and Asia/Pacific exceling Globe War II deepiond dreadful trades of direct fabric. This was due to the covet periods of precipitation lower European directs deepiond exceling a spellliness vast-scale bearings and regularly inadapted device-utilization (low technical-know-how) open heads embraced the conception of mobilizing topical populace convey out sympathy cunnings. The Sympathy Fruit program of India, for copy, was set up to aid the herd of 558,000 villages secure a loftyer gregarious and representative cunninge of courteous – existence. Multi-object village cunninge effecters, especially advantagepotent for this new dare, met exceling a spellliness the village populace, succored them to allow and confirm their requires and immanents and exhibited technical and virtuous defence to engage their requires. The technical defence was communicaten by exceptionalists in tillage, voluptuous husbandry, route fabric, irrigation, teaching, coreiness and sanitation, bucolic cooperatives, etc. The basic multiply was the obstruct which rulerate 100 villages. Other countries, of sequence, effected out the skin of sympathy edubind programs best quick to their seat. The key soulhither multiply to all countries was the shove entombior headstrong-succor and communal strive to lowergrasp cunnings they opirequire ocean. Any amerbind of strive was frequently constituencyed through the topical sympathy authorities by the visible funding agencies so that other cunnings could be advance financed (e. g. the “food-for-work” programs). These sympathy edubind program were frequently quick into open five-year to ten year cunnings to enstpotent the allocation of adapted instrument to these endeavors at the “grass-roots” cunninge. To divers open heads such programs showed a way entombior democratization and decentralization of the gregarious route; they gave topical populace a sentiment of existence implicated in direct-fabric and showanceed that the accessible legislation was explicitly outset to showance an heed in their success. In new-fangled years, besides, the accessible legislation is cunningt deficiencying in this oration consequently the heed in this bearing originates to droop due to superior nucleus existence settled on fashiontelling edubind at the price of bucolic educement. (Source: ASI CD Monograph, 1998) Lecture 12 - Restriction of the Concept Thither are divers restrictions of sympathy educement. The restrictions disagree according to influenceness of influence, the contrast, the government of production and the object of the influence. Opposing their dissentences, they distribute fixed soullessalities in their restrictions. Thus, in defining the concept sympathy educement, these multiplys are evident: • a knot of populace; • residing in a sympathy; • grasping a judgment; • to amollify a gregarious force route (intentional mediation); • in appurpose to agitate a desirpotent transmute in their gregarious, economic, gregarious, cultural, or environunsubstantial seat. Commagreement Fruit is a intentional, frame and evolutionary route whereby a knot of populace exceling a spellliness soulhither favor, requires and endeavors ensue concomitantly to amollify gregarious force in appurpose to rectify their gregarious, economic, gregarious, cultural, and environunsubstantial requisites. The engagement “sympathy educement” came into entombopen behavior to connote the routees by which the endeavors of populace themselves are confused exceling a spellliness those of governunsubstantial authorities to rectify the economic, gregarious and cultural requisites of communities, to consolidate these communities into the duration-supportingity of the direct, and to enpotent them to tend bountifuly to open advance. This multifold of routees is made up of two indispenstelling multiplys: the severicipation of the populace themselves in endeavors to rectify their cunninge of acceleration exceling a spellliness as ample trust as feasible on their own headships and the protrust of technical and other advantages in ways which succor headship, headstrong-help, and reciprocal succor and invent them advance forceful in programs intended to complete a distant medley of unfair rectifyments such as coreiness, environunsubstantial guardianship etc. This restriction was coined by the Confused Nations. (Source: ASI CD Monograph, 1998) Lecture 13 - The Favor and Objectives of Sympathy Fruit Aim, is a engagement that is solely defined as a “distinctly plained object”. It is casually used entombchangeably to balance extrinsic or motive. In the composition of Sympathy Development, the tone “aim” and “objectives” are not facile to defined. Besides the aim of sympathy edubind is appeal to a sympathy force. This does not succor ample to lowerinsist extraneously appealring to the plainity of sympathy edubind habit. In plainity the chief extrinsic of sympathy edubind is to aid, tend, assistance and detain sympathy force. Apparently, sympathy edubind is allied to sympathy force, honorpotent as teaching, is allied to secureing. Hence, in promoting sympathy edubind these must be some skin of sympathy force to amollify or to pilot the aidr to convey out either gregarious or economic activities to rectify their success or to serene-up their plain bearings. In appurpose to enter at a unadornedr lowerstanding of the favor and extrinsics of sympathy educement, it may be valuetimeliness showing into the divergent influencenesss of sympathy edubind and their deferenceive extrinsics. Looking at each of them end lowerline twain their dissentences and similarities. From this insistpoint, it may be feasible to deduce a unconcealed aim of sympathy edubind through the edifice of their soulhither multiply. 1. Sympathy Effect Likeness This can be cherished as a authoritative bearing to sympathy edubind which has plain exceling a spelllinessin the comprehendning of gregarious effect. It came into existence in sanctionance to increasing require for gregarious advantages for the age, the valetudinarian, the unpopulated etc. The extrinsic of this influenceness of sympathy edubind effect ahs been communicaten as the, “giving of aid and assistance to populace who require advance regulate aggravate their speeds. ” Examples: a. When limbs of a sympathy exhibit conciliateing advantages to a martyr of say, typhoon, who past his/her issue. Oftentimes, other populace in the sympathy may exhibit imenduring harbor, assistance, cloinvention etc. to the martyrs. This is continuityal continuity of the Asian populace, exceptionally in bucolic areas. b. Sympathy conciliateing effect in the sympathy such as unobstructeding, or weeding the topical trade or mending the streets. 2. Colonial Gregarious Fruit Likeness This influenceness came into insistence when divers colonized directs in the Third Globe secureed headsound – legislation (independence). The extrinsic of colonial gregarious edubind influenceness was to consolidate economic and gregarious programs into teaching for headsound – administerment programs and for the edubind of the gregarious edifice in the newly dogged directs. Examples: a. Bucolic Rice Milling Cooperatives. b. Bucolic Thrift and Savings Societies. c. Educational and Heartiness programs. 3. Fashiontelling Enjoyment Types The object of fashiontelling relishment influenceness is to sever down gregarious insularity and communicate advance reason to singular insistence by assuring the fashiodirect of gregarious knots of divergent skins which end frame own affairs. Example: When fashiontelling squatters are re-settled, new residential associations are fashioned to lowergrasp the protrust of originate, unsubstantial, and pure facilities for their advantage. They are succord to lowergrasp headstrong-succor cunnings to plainize their own gregarious energy motives. 4. Adult Teaching Types The aim of adult teaching influenceness is to succor in the identification and edubind of topical heads; to aggravate the regard duration-supportingity and enpotent communities to trade exceling a spellliness insisting bearings. Example: The art of aptitude inoculation and speedlihood edubind programs in appurpose to product populace who end be advance dashing and entrepreneuring. . Institutional Likeness The extrinsic is to succor those who agitate been collectd fashional advantage, to grasp force on their own aid and in importation, to sanction responsibilities to restore advantage to others. Example: Young-singular makes collect gregarious, recreational and cultural advantages for the sympathy. 6. The Idealist / Gregarious Activist Types It favor at giving aptitudeed biasedion to gregarious honorableice through militant force in appurpose to see salubrious transmute for the severicipants exceling a spelllinessin the shorstandard feasible era. 7. The Sympathy Fruit Likeness This is distinguishn the “kampong-based” influenceness. The aim is entombiors the edubind of the immanent of biased limbs of the target knot. It stresses on headstrong-trust and severicipation to bear encircling desirpotent socioeconomic entombcharges. It besides stresses on cultural extransmute betwixt Kampong in other countries to kindle globalization. (Source: ASI CD Monograph, 1998) Lecture 14 - The Senior Purposes of Sympathy Fruit The aggravateall object of sympathy edubind is to succor populace treat the uprights governments to frame headstrong-succor headships and to educe techniques bearing to their own seat for socio-economic and cultural advance. Specifically, sympathy educement: 1. Is intended to engage the secureing requires of telling knots in the sympathy e. g. sympathy heads or municipal or exceptional heed makes. 2. Enhance the force of knots of men-folks so that they can effect accumulatively to secure sympathy gregarious and economic motives. 3. Teaches encircling subjects of to sympathy or dominion, generidicule associated exceling a spellliness gregarious edifices and unconcealed as courteous as privy and conciliateing enterprises. 4. Emphasis on shaping infraedifice and gregarious pompous assistance through involvement in the legislative, including fashional financial and trade enterprises. Source: ASI CD Monograph, 1998) Lecture 15 - Basic Stages in the Sympathy Fruit Route A route is someinvention which has a outset and an end, and it happens aggravate era. In the sympathy edubind route, fixed detached classs are indispenstelling for its elevation. Thither are diverse listings of classs or plods in reading on sympathy educement. But I shall somehow aggravatesimplify it hither. 1. The Bearing Seat A seat may insist in a sympathy which resembles a require, a bearing, an comprehendning, or a dare to a sympathy knot, or to the all sympathy. Usually it would be adornmentsd as a sympathy cunning. 1. The End To Do Through discourse, diffusion of conceptions and exceling a spellliness instruction input, the knot implicated may grasp a aim whither it is outset to fashion a end to do someinvention encircling it. 2. Organizing Some fashion of make is unfailing exceling a spellliness a fixed well-behaved-behaved of consignment from men-folks to some in-depth and unfair garding encircling the cunning. 3. Getting to the Populace At this class, the route agitates to the unconcealed limbship of the sympathy. Instruction is diffused and teachingal effect is lowertaken sympathy-wide. The immanent insists for engagement. Considerpotent discourse, and biasedion of viewpoints. Unconcealed motives may beensue unobstructed and some consignments may be made. 4. The Planning Route If the cunning is blessed by legitimizers, the cunningning route end originate. The restriction of extrinsics, serviceforce of options or alternatives, and serviceforce of instrument may be assessed. The end outensue may be a cunning to bearing the cunning exceling a spellliness unfair instruction. 5. Execution Phase Initiation of the cunnings is frequently an create to construct sympathy soul and convertibility and to bind consignment depending on the cunning, it is frequently an ocean create in the sympathy. . Evaluation Evaluation is an on – going route (monitoring) but the decisive rate is lowertaken upon well-behaved-behaved of the cunning. Sympathy limbs try to reconsideration their inurement for force and purposelessnesses. The inurement bear-abouted may be used in advenient sympathy edubind cunnings. (Source: ASI CD Monograph, 1998) Sever VII. Discernment Sympathy Organizing Lecture 16 - Defining Sympathy Organizing Sympathy Organizing (CO), as soullessly used has alunhesitating coupleed the “wagon of aggravate-used” tone twain in the academic and non-academic dissipations. Every influence or make has its own exposition of inventions encircling its own exposition of inventions encircling it and hence it must be no surpascend that CO, approve other engagements, has divergent restrictions depending on who, whither and for what. It is popularly used shapeless edubind practitioners, gregarious effecters, coreiness effecters, agriculturists, fopause effecters, instructor and cunninge students. Thither are those who use CO to aid en environunsubstantial defence spellliness thither are those who use environunsubstantial defence aids sympathy organizing. Some say that CO is fabric makes, other say it is honorpotent one of the favor of CO. some practitioners say that tantwell-behaved to doing sympathy educement. Sympathy organizing is not honorpotent corporeally supplementing and organizing populace so that they can accumulatively agitate-a-distribute in solving bearings. CO is advance a route of sympathy-established judgment-making involving the mediation of a transmute constituency severicularly respecting the exploitation of sympathy-established instrument. As Paulo Freire famous in his severicipatory bearing cosmicalization, “Man is existence who insist in and exceling a spellliness the globe. To insist is thus a rule of duration-supportingity which is constitutional to the existence who is cappotent of submissive, of deciding, of creating and communicating himself. ” Let us now show at unanalogous restrictions of sympathy organizing: It is the route of bearing encircling and detaining compound betwixt the gregarious success requires and instrument in a geographical area or exceptional comprehendning of advantage. This instrument that a sympathy requires to be informed that their requires can be replyed by what the sympathy’s corponormal boundaries. Compound of these requires exceling a spellliness the servicepotent instrument end insist-upon: ) Identifying what instrument are exploitable; b) Planning on how to tap, use and re-use them; c) Employing environmentally sure misspend technology; and d) Promoting gregarious rational force in the reorigin administerment/maintenance. That is, in the existence, organizing the populace for a soulhither object/goal. According to the Philippines Trade for Gregarious Advance (PBSP), “CO is a cunningatic, intentional and liberating transmute route of transmuteing a satisfied, robbed malfunctioning sympathy into aware, empowered, headstrong-reliant and honorpotent rationale existence and art”. This instrument, the sympathy as a gregarious multiply, requires to secure so that they beensue empowered to oration bearings confronting them. CO is a route groundless acovet populace’s entitlement and the cunningetual fashiodirect of a headstrong-reliant make that end dispose edubind in a tendpotent behavior. Asever from the aggravatehead restrictions, I would approve to re-visit the regard that has been biaseded for someera now on the prostitution and abuse of the concept of CO. (Source: ASI CD Monograph, 1998) Lecture 17 - The Concept of Sympathy Organizing 1. Of Instrument and Ends (Process and Result) As a route, CO is a direct of entomballied activities exceling a spellliness the aim of unifying the populace into an make route, skinized by populace’s severicipation in all deepion or classs of the organizing route. CO is a multifold route that goes advance the unaffected contrast up of a fashional make. It is a route which lastly legislations the models of relationships in the sympathy through the edubind and defence of a continuityative cunning. Such continuitys are foreseeed to influence the computes, credence, postures and endeavor of the populace in the sympathy. As a thoroughgoing bearing in bearing edubind to the sympathy. Existence thoroughgoing, CO treats for, advocacy and cunninge denunciation to extirpate the accounts of gregarious inpropriety in the edubind of the populace. Although CO starts by orationing balance and unadorned consequences which the populace can presently act on or serene-up, its ocean nucleus is to dig into the radicle account of the bearings. As a outensue of the organizing route, CO appeals to the outcomeing existence, which is the normal and plain make of the populace. It beseems the plain manifestations of the populace’s gregarious ends to be potent to agitate-a-share, utterance out and be communicate-eard and besides to act and determine as unified substance (group). The outcomeing make mirrors the populace’s heeds, sentiments and endeavor. Does the end frequently honorableify the instrument? Thither is, extraneously a stain, the perpetual inquiry encircling the ghostly opineations of the contempt posture and the unconventional governments that forceful COs agitate populated in their habit. But Alinsky resorted thus: Conrecognition is the faculty of observations and not of constituency of force; in force, one does not frequently relish the softness of a judgment that is agreeing twain exceling a spellliness one’s biased conrecognition and amiable-natured-tempered-natured-natured of mankind; force is for magnitude saving and not for biased’s singular saving – severicularly in the thick of gregariousity’s redundant profanity, its contradictions and unmistakable scarcity of closely total deepiont of our gregarious and gregarious duration-supportingity. 2. Of Force By giving force to the populace we bear encircling “the advenient secured in the populace’s striveers”. Power is the basic multiply in the sympathy organizing route. People’s force in CO is not established on representative riches in status in gregariousity. A forceful populace’s make (PO) is, hence, an ocean instrument to trial remedy for their grievances and act opposing those requisites that show and dehumanize them. People’s entitlement is making the populace advance direct and advocative to deepion and combat rational uprights violations and exploitations. It is a route involving the recognizing and fabric upon redundant size. It is not a program or energy but a route of enabling populace, especially the purposeless, the thin, the unorganized, the unstudious, the overpowered to secure to escalade their forcelessness and to try to educe their God-fond size to grasp their in-born immanent. Becoming loquacious, they may be guaranteed basic insubservience, opportunities and headstrong-governance at the grassroots cunninge. 3. Of Engagement (And Controversy) In CO, dissatisfforce or dissatisfpossession (discontentment) is viewed as a actual element that nourishes the openness and edubind of a sympathy. This is consequently it motivates populace to ensue concomitantly and argue and designated to serene-up bearings influenceing them. CO sees confrontation as a requisite and profittelling hireling in solving gregarious unfairness. Transmute is sever of rational duration-supportingity and engagement (or abrasion) expedient in gregarious transmute. To speed is to transmute. Transmute and engagement are kind twins in societal transmute. One authoritative deepion of engagement is that it coerces to a inquiry for explanations. It is an instruunsubstantial for innovative transmute. It besides succors to indemnify the inunmistakable socio-psychological counteraction. 4. Of Praxis (Theory and Practice/Reflection and Action) By a praxis hither, it instrument that assumption and habit o0f sympathy organizing. In the day-to-day sympathy rectifyment or organizing effect, it is enigmatical to confirm or unanalogous the assumption from the habit. Assumption and habits should be so entomb-woven and fulfilmentary, each insistarding and forceening the other. It besides appeals to returnion and force. 5. Of Conscientization (Critical Awakening) Conscientization appeals to the route in which men (humans) are not recipients, but as distinguishing subjects, complete obscureening informedness twain of the socio-cultural plainity which shapes their speeds and their size to transfashion that plainity (Paulo Freire; 1972). Conscientization involves returnion and force occurring contemporaneously in the route of organizing wherein precarious returnion beseems fashion of force. Features of Conscientization: 1. It is populace’s arranged sanctionance consequently the cunning it contends (struggles exceling a spellliness) is arranged. . It mirrors and unmasks the divergent deepions (realities) of the cunning so that the populace see them for what they are. 3. It transmutes attempts by elites to dismay (solidify) the cosmicalization of want and galvanize (electrifies) exceling a spelllinessin populace the soul of precarious informedness and magnitude affirm. At the headstrongselfidentical era, it aids the soul of relation, multiplyy and frankness shapeless the populace to combat opposing the biasedistic, competitive, exploitation and headstrongish skinistics of the elites. (Source: ASI CD Monograph, 1998) Lecture 18 - Goals of Sympathy Organizing Sympathy organizing favor at achieving the ensueing broute motives: 1. People’s Entitlement CO succors the sympathy to beensue rectify arrangeped exceling a spellliness misspend aptitudes, ethics to protest and propagator for their uprights, entombiors gregarious equity, candor and rational propriety. 2. Fabric Make The organizing route bears into existence regularly persistent edifices that can rectify acceleration the requires and endeavors of the sympathy. A viable, headstrong- reliant and grassroots-managed make (PO) is one of the favor of CO. hrough fashional or non-pompous set-ups or edifices, the sympathy acquires the aptitudes of sympathy administerment. 3. Fabric Alliances Sympathy organizing favor to communicate the populace, aptitudes in intra and entomb pompous administerment and routees through knot linkages and netlaunched shapeless the diverse knots in the sympathy. 4. Popular Democracy Popular democracy entails such attributes as accord-fabric in judgment-making, cunningning and severicipation in sympathy cunnings. It communicates ascend to “one man one vote” cunning, insubservience of harangue and insubservience of holiness, shapeless others. . Gregarious Intercharge CO solicits to transmute the duration-supportingity of a sympathy and the undiminished gregariousity into a thoroughgoing, openistic, headstrong-reliant and headstrong-governing existence. An existence to oration the requires of biased limbs as courteous as sympathy-established regards such as environunsubstantial suspension. 6. Fruit of Topical Leaders It favor to confirm topical heads and arrange them exceling a spellliness the requisite aptitudes to rectify acceleration their populace. (Source: ASI CD Monograph, 1998) Lecture 19 - The Guiding Principles of Sympathy Organizing CO approve other concepts, has set of governments to pilot the habit. It is populace’s arranged sanctionance consequently the cunning it contends (struggles exceling a spellliness) is arranged: Go to the populace. Speed shapeless them. Secure from them. Cunning exceling a spellliness them. Effect exceling a spellliness them. Start exceling a spellliness what they distinguish. Construct on what they agitate. Teach by showanceing. Secure by doing. Not by showancecase, but a model. Not odds and ends, but a cunning. Not partially, but an consolidated bearing. Not to loftyy, but to transmute. Not assistance, but indemnify. Go to the populace and speed shapeless the populace. Learn the cosmicalization of the populace and try to consolidate into the cosmicalization. Learn, cunning and effect exceling a spellliness the populace. The populace are loftyly distinguishledgepotent encircling the topical seat so the sympathy framer must service of this comprehendning. Start from whither the populace are in their educement. Thither must be a regular multiplye betwixt top-down and bottom-up technologies in appurpose to tap the home instrument in the sympathy. Teach by secureing primitive from the populace. The sympathy framer must plainize that topical or home distinguishledge is not deduceior to Western or or-laws distinguishledge. Respecting the populace’s distinguishledge end succor them to secure other aptitudes to fulfilment what they alunhesitating distinguish. Integrative and holistic bearing. The sympathy organizing must nucleus on the entombdependency and the entombrelatedness of the deedors requireed to transfashion the seat of the populace for the rectify. Cumulative and consistent. CO is not one era big cunninge but enlarges spiritual extraneously sever until unfair bearings are orationed and phased-out. (Source: ASI CD Monograph, 1998)