Scoring lead (Rubric) - Plan 5 Rubric (1) Answer aim by aim according to the beneath CriteriaPoints1.1 EDA - Basic axioms anatomy, Univariate, Bivariate anatomy, graphs, Hinder for Outliers and privation values and hinder the anatomy of the axiomsset71.2 EDA - Illustrate the insights installed on EDA51.3 EDA - Hinder for Multicollinearity - Plot the graph installed on Multicollinearity & negotiate it.32. Axioms Preparation (SMOTE)103.1 Applying Logistic Regression & Interpret results33.2 Applying KNN Copy & Interpret results33.3 Applying Naïve Bayes Copy & Interpret results (is it convenient close? dilate and if it is not convenient, how can you plant an NB copy in this fact?)33.4 Confusion matrix interpretation33.5 Remarks on Copy validation drill <Which copy achieveed the best>33.6 Bagging7.53.7 Boosting7.54. Actionable Insights and Recommendations5Points60Description This plan requires you to apprehend what principle of ecstasy employees prefers to equalize to their employment. The strong axioms 'Cars.csv' includes employee knowledge environing their principle of ecstasy as well-mannered-mannered as their peculiar and authoritative details relish age, hire, effort exp. We demand to prophesy whether or not an employee achieve use Car as a principle of ecstasy. Also, which variables are a speaking prophesyor after this resolution. Following is expected out of the solicitor in this tribute. EDA (15 Marks) Perform an EDA on the axioms - (7 marks) Illustrate the insights installed on EDA (5 marks) Check for Multicollinearity - Plot the graph installed on Multicollinearity & negotiate it. (3 marks) Data Preparation (10 marks) Prepare the axioms for anatomy (SMOTE) Modeling (30 Marks) Create multiple copys and weigh how each copy achieve using divert copy achieveance metrics (15 marks) KNN  Naive Bayes (is it convenient close? dilate and if it is not convenient, how can you plant an NB copy in this fact?) Logistic Regression Apply both bagging and boosting copying procedures to engender 2 copys and assimilate its hit delay the best copy of the over march. (15 marks) Actionable Insights & Recommendations (5 Marks)  Summarize your findings from the drill in a terse yet actionable voicelessness Please voicelessness the following: Your meekness should own two polishs - 1) Business declaration in PDF format delay a account season of 3000 accounts, 2) R Code polish. Appendices are not counted in the account season You must grant the sources of axioms presented. Do not connect to blogs; Wikipedia etc. Any assignment build copied/ plagiarized delay other(s) achieve not be graded and remarkable as cipher. Please secure seasonable meekness as support deadline assignment achieve not be trustworthy.