This assignment covers passage one, Strategic Leadership: Managing the Strategy-Making Mode for Competitive Advantage, and two, Exterior dissection: The Identification of Opportunities and Threats. Chapter 1 Questions: What is competitive service, and how does it rehearse to a posse’s duty copy? Describe the strategic planning copy, and who is concerned in the strategy-making mode Describe the SWOT dissection, its rudiments, and how it aids a posse in making strategic conclusions. Provide examples of each rudiment in the SWOT dissection. What are the diverse levels of skillful-treatment, and how do they have-a-share in the mode of strategic conclusion making?  Chapter 2 Questions: Define “Industry”, “Business” and “Sector”. How are these rehearsed? How can Porter’s five-forces copy aid in strategic conclusion making? Describe how “Risk of Entry”, “Bargaining Power of Buyers”, “Bargaining Power of Suppliers”, and activity race (“Threat of Substitutes”) move the exterior threats a posse faces. Provide examples of each. Describe the activity spirit cycle, what strategic groups are, and what mobility barriers are.