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   Social Determinants of Health Answer one of the subjoined questions: · Increasingly, heartiness policymakers are beseeming certified of the gregarious determinants of heartiness and the role they resemble in interruption ailment and promoting heartiness and wellness. In the “Frameworks for Renewal in Policy and Politics” section, scrutinize Box 1-1 (Political Aspects of the Gregarious Determinants of Health) and Figure 1-6 (The Who, What, Where, When, and Why of Nursing’s Policy Influence). Then assimilate these after a while the relation environing Lilian Wald’s employment in New York City. Reflect on the “what” of Wald’s strategies. In your conviction, which did she use effectively? Looking prefer at the “what” in Figure 1-6 and reply any one of the subjoined questions: o Sift-canvass at meanest three competencies/strategies that you accept used effectively. o Identify three competencies/strategies that you don’t currently use and sift-canvass how you effectiveness fuse them into your vindication toolbox. Review the impure recommendations in the IOM news The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Heartiness and ascertain your state's renewal compromise( THIS LINK OR WEBSITE TO ACCES THE STATE’S ACTION · . Sift-canvass your state’s renewal compromise’s employment as it aligns after a while these impure recommendations. Is each recommendation being addressed? Based on your resolution of the website, how would you illustrate your state’s growth inland consultation the IOM recommendations?APA FORMAT AND REFERENCES NEEDED.