For this assignment, you conquer picked a ordinary  (among the last 2 years) condition or elaboration tract to re-examination. The condition your picked MUST be incongruous from any other one you re-examinationed for another topic or assignment. You may picked any condition or elaboration tract that is connected to Threat Modeling, and specifically relations STRIDE. The attached rubric conquer cater further advice on the satisfiedededed requirements, but near is a defective register of what I shortness: 1) Your re-examination should be 1 Page, Minimum, double-spaced. 2) Please upload a Microsoft Word instrument to surrender your re-examination. 3) You should condense the satisfiedededed of the condition or tract and illustrate how it relates to STRIDE and Threat Modeling. 4) Cater your own duty of the condition. (Did it frame wisdom? Did you learn anything from it? Do you comport or discomport delay the satisfiededed?)  5) Use the APA title for the tract and  partiality of one scholarly reference, which is the condition you are re-examinationing. No website URL. Web Page is not a relation NOTES: - Picked ONE tract or condition. That ONE tract or condition should be the ONLY part relationd. Do NOT deviate in a tract delay multiple relations. This isn't a relation tract contend. I shortness you to singly picked ONE elaboration tract or condition THAT SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSES STRIDE. Then I shortness to see two things: discover #3 AND #4 overhead. - PLEASE pay heed to #5. You relation MUST be in APA format AND you MUST cater a relation indicator in your meekness when you relation the tract or condition. You conquer betray points (yes, multiple points this duration) if I cannot unfold your relation.