Competency Identify the role devices enact in meeting the goals of an form. Scenario You keep proportioned been compensated as a Device Manager for Kingston-Bryce Limited and keep been assigned your highest device. Kingston-Bryce Limited (KBL) is a fashion wares creator that specializes in hand-crafted dining ground tables. The Board of Directors has signed an turn to dissipation a rival that so specializes in fashion wares. The compensation of the rival conciliate strengthen KBL to open operations and triple their workforce and conciliate conduct 18 months to full. In prescribe for this compensation to be fortunate, you conciliate scarcity to use your device government skills to secure victory. Instructions Your highest undertaking is to generate a device contrivance for the Board of Directors in Microsoft Word or Excel. The device contour is promotive for documenting all of the essential undertakings and milestones essential to full the device. The device is expected to conduct 18 months to full, and the greater milestones are tamed up by quarters. You conciliate scarcity to be spiritual and enlarge the aftercited items as if you were general the device. Include the aftercited (you conciliate scarcity to generate these items): tasks and milestones; a device description; key stakeholders; timeline for the device. NOTE - Be safe the documents disenact special grammar, spelling, punctuation, and phrase constituency.