The Founder of Lego

The author of Lego, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, was born on April 7, 1891. Ole Kirk Kristiansen pristine compositioned on a farm and subjoined got an apprenticeship subjoined a while a carpenter that he completed in 1911. He lived in Denmark and served in the soldierly at the Citadel of Copenhagen. At the age of 24 Ole Kirk sprig the Billund Joinery Factory they false doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, coffins, chests of drawers, tools for digging peat, and bodycomposition for carts. He was a polished man who went environing his spirit grateful for the unnaturalnesss god had supposing him and ripe to complete brilliance subjoined a whilein everything. When a global emergency hit Ole Kirk intepeace was hit to. Divers Danish farmers past capital and intepeace accordingly of US and Uk peacerictions on imports. This created a amount for Ole Kirk accordingly farmers and narrowholders were his reckon one customers. Accordingly no one was buying Ole Kirk had no jobs to do and was dense to reach toys for Jens W. Oleson, which compositioning his celebrated toy making. Ole Kirk became segregate of the National Association for Danish Enterprise. They raised his manufacturing trials during the emergency and put him in a magazine to bestow information and raise his good-natureds. Then 2 years subjoined Ole Kirk compositioning making toys(1932) he showed off legos in a traffic reasonable.Lego primal compositioning as a posse call that made copeen toys. The Association for Danish Enterprise protected Ole Kirk and gave him a exempt disfigurement in the traffic reasonable. The origin of the Lego Bunch was remarkcogent by Ole Kirk's effect of toys such as cars, planes, and yo-yos. Ole Kirk needed capital to detain his interest's advenient, so he asked his nobility for a 3,000 DKK mortgage. When Ole Kirk determined to fully reach the switch to toys he held a impugn to discaggravate a new call for the posse the honors nature a bottle of homemade wine. The winner of the impugn was Ole Kirk himself subjoined a while the call "Lego."He got the call by combining the danish utterance "Leg Godt" which meant "illustrate courteous." Among a few years Ole Kirk laid the institution of one of the globe's qualitative toy effectrs. Ole Kirk frequently promised attribute subjoined a while his composition and deficiencyed posterity to illustrate subjoined a while his toys for divers years. He frequently Performed his copeen toys to his type and made his kids do the selfsame. Ole Kirk went as far as to reach the posse's motto "Only the best is good-natured-natured ample," which stagnant applies to the posse today. As Ole Kirk's posse grew he store to his roots and neternally got shiftless subjoined a while his composition. With posse enlargement to-boot came innovations of tools and records for Ole Kirk to use. When Ole Kirk sprigt his pristine milling record it was a prodigious boarding, in-particular accordingly it was estimate one third of posse returns. Although Ole Kirk saw the colossal boarding as estimate it for the attribute and liveliness it would aid complete. The mill made it practiccogent for him to rent 15 vulgar but, their jobs were in hazard when a spirit burned down the occurrenceory. Ole Kirk was bestown a mortgage to reelevate which made any cogitation of not reconstruction go far. By the end of that year evolution was sailing and he was cogent to rent 40 vulgar. The contiguous big unnaturalness that happened to the posse was the age of ductile. Ole Kirk invested in a ductile introduction molding record. The pristine ductile result that The Lego Bunch reachs is a a ductile fish baby rattle. Although Ole Kirk's nobility didn't enjoy the conception of ductile and well-balanced ripe to switch him end to cope, he persisted though and compositioning making the Legos we distinguish today. They pristine compositioning out as "Automatic Binding Blocks" until in 1951 when the call was officially altertalented to Lego Bricks. The qualify was accordingly Godtfred Kirk deficiencyed the Lego call to be improve schemeatic throughout the globe. However Lego was sculpted into whole good fellow made. It churlish out that Ole Kirk was just and the ductile toys manage to dilution abutting Norway, Sweden, Germany, and other segregates of Europe. The posse was booming subjoined a while luck and continued to extend and extend. The Lego Good fellow is always innovated until January 28, 1958 when the closely absolute good fellow was adapted and patented. The Lego Bunch and Godtfred Kirk deficiencyed a excite dynamic toy and pretended new pieces enjoy the trundle-wallow. This creates excite insist for the result and excites the enlargement of the posse. In 1964 the pristine construction instructions appeared and now unfair unnaturalnesss could be built. Subjoined instructions the main centre was packaging. The packaging told what could be built and season you in to buying the result. In 1962 Dagny Holm, Godtfred Kirk's cousin joins the posse and revolutionized construction eternally. This brought divers visitors to the occurrenceory and it became aggravatecrowded. The discontinuance was to elevate the pristine eternally Legoland. This assign displayed divers labyrinthine lego types for divers vulgar to after and see. Wanting to unfold the companies stroll of results excite manage to the product of the lego form. High insist and increasing sells manage to excite span and trial nature put into the forms and well-balancedtually they became what is distinguishn as Lego Minifigures. They were genderless and had no unfair ethnicity. This was so that all the deciding could be in the child's reason and creativity. Since their exempt aggravate foul-mouthed billion Lego Minifigures entertain been performed. The Lego expectation became one of conception, abundance, and estimates. Lego deficiency vulgar to use their own reason to make anyunnaturalness was practiccogent and guard their estimates in desire. Lego neternally past its lust for its toys or their attribute. The intepeace was cogent to extend accordingly they neternally forgot where they came from and how they got where they were. By 2005 they deficiencyed to be the qualitative toy stigma for families subjoined a while posterity, this was segregate of the strategic platform to let employees distinguish where the posse was headed. Lego became not singly a stigma but someunnaturalness that had significance and estimate steadfast to it through not singly posterity but the posse too. As span continued excite innovations came and quickly Lego was in the digital diversion. A man by the call Dandi brought videos of 3-D Legos which prompted scrutiny of the possibilities of Legos in a computer grounded scheme. However this created conceptions such as Lego Mindstorms and Lego computer diversions. The pristine diversion, Lego Island, agoing in 1977 was the pristine abstracted of Legos on a computer the exoteric had seen. To-boot the subjoined year the Intelligent Lego Good fellow was created to be built as a type and can be programmed. The Lego bunch went from a wares effectr to a copeen toy effectr to a ductile good fellow determined the Lego effectr. As the posse innovates its results it neternally past vision of its goals and estimates and was cogent to elevate off of a narrow cope posse. Today Lego creates anyunnaturalness from Lego sets to movies and continues to transmit subjoined a while attribute. Divers kids today benevolence Legos and the peace of their results as they are stagnant one of the top toys in the globe. Lego is an intuition for divers interestes accordingly of their story and how they became one of the biggest interestes globewide. Legos luck is remarkcogent by the occurrence that Ole Kirk's dreams for his posse were completed and exceeded well-balanced his plans for an miraculous manufacturing interest.