Unit 5 Individual Project- Evaluation

 Deliverable Length:  15-20 PowerPoint Slides   Compare and opposition the HPT mould despite the ADDIE mould and Gagne's mould. Determine how these moulds sway achievement simultaneously for identifying exploit gaps and crafty solutions. Develop a PowerPoint exhibition for the administrators in your develop boundary environing the HPT mould, how it aligns delay nature and nature exploit, inclusion in an instructional scheme appropinquation, and how it could be used in develops. Be stable to grasp the following: A re-examination of each step of the mould explaining what would captivate attribute in the develop as the evaluation anatomy proceeds through all of the steps  Ways to evaluate the use of HPT once implemented  How it aligns delay an instructional scheme concept  How it compares and oppositions to the ADDIE Mould and Gagne’s appropinquation. Each slide should possess bullet points of no past than 4-5 language each. The explication of the bullet points should be written as a script for the orator and should be in the notes exception of each slide. These notes must be liberal and cloak anything that should be said environing the points on the slide. Some slides should use images, photos, graphs, and charts to maintain the attention of the interview. The contrast should be authoritative and misspend.