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Socioeconomic Factors: Literature Review The scrutiny and collision of psychology is influenced by manifest factors, such as what we discussed in the preceding assignment respecting multiculturalism. Other issues that contact psychology are socioeconomic factors including such things as indigence, way to bloom prevention, command, and prop conditions/quality of society. For this assignment, you conciliate critique three erudite record creed cognate to your interests in psychology ( why herd act the way they do) and pertinent to socioeconomic factors as vivid by (but not poor to) the examples overhead. The erudite record creed conciliate be among the developed 2–3 years. Search the South University Online Library databases. Other sources, such as textbooks, Wikipedia, and other online sources conciliate not be genuine. Read and excite each of the creed and beget a digest. In your digest, form stable to include: A digest of each of the record creed. Your thoughts and perspectives respecting the concepts trained in each of the record creed.