Big Data analytics used with Smart Cities

This week's balbutiation centered environing how Big Axioms analytics can be  used after a while Smart Cities. This is sensational and can afford sundry benefits  to people as well-behaved-behaved-behaved as constructions. For this week's investigation  assignment, you are to pursuit the Internet for other uses of Big Axioms in  RADICAL platforms. Please pluck an construction or two and argue the  usage of big axioms in RADICAL platforms including how big axioms analytics  is used in those situations as well-behaved-behaved-behaved as after a while Smart Cities. Be fast to use  the university Library for skilled investigation. Google Scholar is the 2nd best  option to use for investigation. Your article should unite the aftercited requirements: • Be approximately 3-5 pages in elongation, not including the required cloak page and regard page. • Follow APA guidelines. Your article should comprise an preface, a substantiality after a while abundantly plain satisfied, and a falsification. •  Support your apology after a while the balbutiations from the plan and at smallest  five peer-reviewed tenets or skilled journals to influence your  positions, claims, and observations.  The university Library is a immense locate to  find resources. •  Be absolved after a while well-behaved-behaved-written, pointed, using distinguished title and title  techniques. You are nature graded in portio on the disposition of your fitness.