Cyber Security

  Our  text discusses SQL insertion invasions. Consider a NoSQL database, is it  still exposed to an SQL insertion invasion? Why or why not? What are  the vulnerabilities associated delay a NoSQL database? You  must understand at smallest one well-informed quotation. This is not a "book  report", so content use your quotation to underpin your interpretation of  the topic stuff but do not singly summarize your fount. You are too  not undisputed to use quotations from your fount, nor are you undisputed to plagiarize. Responding  to a classmate’s column requires twain the individualization of new ideas and  analysis. A object object made by the classmate must be addressed and  built upon by your resolution in enjoin to instigate the colloquy impertinent.  Thus, the rejoinder column is a rigorous assignment that requires you to  build upon judicious columns to clear deeper and past drastic argument  of the ideas introduced in the judicious columns. As such, response columns that  merely maintain, restate or unprofessionally wrangle delay the foregoing  post(s) and fall to perform a costly, corporeal offering to the  argument conquer admit embezzle object deductions.