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1. A unrepining presents to the orthopedic duty fretful of indisposition in the wrist. Upon scrutiny, the physician determines that the unrepining has a ganglion cyst. The physician injects the ganglion cyst delay Xylocaine to classify the indisposition. What is the rectify sequence? 20612 20610 20605 20600 2. ________ shield has gentle through the scourge cortex and the scourge has been unprotected to air (elements). Open Closed Long Short 3. The acronym ORIF stands for: open diminution delay imaging fluoroscopy. open quit delay interior fixation. open diminution delay interior fixation. open diminution of interior shield. 4. Which of the forthcoming involves delaydrawal of smooth from the lung? Thoracoplasty Pneumonolysis Pneumonthorax injection Pneumonocentesis 5. The order that describes obtaining a tissue pattern is: laser. incision. ablation. biopsy. 6. A physician applies a cranial halo on a unrepining delay a C-1 shield. Subjoined the shield is familiar, the corresponding physician removes the halo. What is the sequence for the disunion of the halo? 20661 20660 99024 20664 7. Codes for __________ apprehend the scourge unite and instrumentation, and these cannot be sequenced individually. arthrodesis arthrodesiss arthordesis arthordisis 8. Based on the forthcoming footing, picked the CPT CODE adown that represents a physician performing a replantation of the fit arm, including the neck of the humerus through the knee elbow subjoined final a full traumatic pollarding. 20802-RT 20801-RT 24357 25392 9. When using the Musculoskeletal individuality, which of the forthcoming is NOT a subheading? Incision Excision Removal Conclusion 10. Which of the forthcoming is a symbol of unite that is repeatedly taken from the conspicuous thigh area? Fascia lata Paratenon Tissue Bone PART 2 WORK As a sequencer, warrant what you fancy a day would be love from the date you invade the operation fix until the date you liberty to go settlement. What do you fancy are some challenges that you faculty visage? In specification to this, argue why it is relevant to collaborate delay clinical staff when resolving coding discrepancies. When would it be alienate to question the physician? Your tally should be a poverty of two pages in extension, not including the inscription or references pages. You must apprehend at smallest one without spring, which must end from the CSU Online Library. Be unmistakable to use APA citations throughout your tractate.