Homework help 4-5 pages

Final Paper 5 pages There are two contrasting theories of end’s rights: The Protectionist (adult centered) and the personhood theories. Given our partition of the juridical rule you are expected vindication the following:  1. Sift-canvass the opposed theories as to the composition of end and sift-canvass which perspective (protective vs. full-rights) dominates  our juridical rule? Which do you contemplate is higher and why? Make certain to adduce point laws or cases that foundation your vindication (22.5 points) 2-3 page 5. Provide partition of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. What is it and which end does it mirror?  Make certain to sift-canvass point elements of the CRC and how it mirrors a point end (adduce pointally from the CRC and beyond professional register subscription) 2-3 pages (10 points) 6. Why do you contemplate the US has not adopted the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child? Do you deem it is tender in the superscription of adopting it? In what ways has our laws transitional that mirror values aback the CRC (elect one question where you affect we feel made progrees)? 1 pages (15 points)