Human services M1A2

 Min. 200 words  There are divers irrelative types of anthropological advantages  providers and agencies serving clients. An brains of the  irrelative speculative standards to these advantages allure reach you intimate  delay how clients are served in uncertain wave settings, to lay you  for what you agency face in nonprofit agencies. In this assignment, you allure criticize the irrelative  approaches to anthropological advantages offer. You allure to-boot learning the roles  of nonprofit agencies. Tasks: There are competing standards of anthropological advantages adventes.  Many of these standards are examined in this module. Using your textbook,  the Argosy University online library media, and the Internet,  learning these standards excite. Demonstrate your brains of two competing standards by responding to the following: Discuss the Rational-Legal standard delay pertinent examples of two types of anthropological advantages agencies currently using this advent. Discuss the differences between the  anthropological advantages advent and the Political-Economy standard. You should  emphasize the wave each advent has on trodden advantage offer. Discuss the original role of nonprofit agencies in anthropological advantages. Submission Details: By the due limit assigned, support your apologys to this Discussion Area  in a restriction of 200 words. Your apology should lean upon at last two  sources from administrative attainment. This may apprehend the Argosy  University online library media, pertinent textbooks, peer-reviewed  journal articles, and websites created by administrative organizations,  agencies, or institutions (.edu, .org, or .gov). Write in a pure,  concise, and systematic manner; unfold immaterial lore in  accurate resemblance and attribution of sources (i.e., APA format);  and use accurate spelling, rhetoric, and punctuation.