Juan Ponce de Leon

n Juan Ponce de Leon was born about 1460 in San Tervas de Campos, Spain. He was the pristine Spanish explorer to reach in Florida. In 1493, Ponce de Leon and Christopher Columbus sailed simultaneously on Columbus’ 2nd tour to America. They had fixed on an isfix determined Hipiola, which is exhibit day Dominican Republic, wless Ponce de Leon had befit instructor at. In 1506, he had discovered an isfix plug by determined Borinquen, and during his season less, he root lots of gold.Once he made this indication and took most of it, he left the isfix of Borinquen. In 1508, he was ordered by the czar of Spain to repay to Borinquen to tenant it. Later on, he had redetermined this isfix Puerto Rico. He became the island’s instructor for two years until he was replaced delay Columbus’s son by the czar. He was rack by what the czar had manufactured, so he unwavering to go sailing anew. This season it was in the north bearing towards Florida. As wonted, he was elaborate for new stock and fix. Along his travel, he was introduced to a origin of pubescentster. This was a cabalistic rise that Indians believed whose steep was powerful to constitute old community observe pubescent. Ponce de Leon searched abundant areas in hopes to discover the treasures and the origin, but failed to do so. In 1513, he fixed on Florida’s east shore and claimed this fix for Spain.Since he was the one who discovered this duty of fix, he was entitled to designate it and determined it La Florida, or “Place of Flowers. ” After, he unwavering to sail down the shore wless he had skilled churlish currents and determined this area Cape Canaveral, sense “Cape of Currents. ” Then he went down the east shore of Florida to reach on an isfix that had lots of turtles. He determined it Dry Tortugas, accordingly no steep was exhibit on the isfix and “tortugas” which media “turtles” in pish.