Linguistic proposal

The theme of the intent is gonna be  : Phonology (sounds precedent) 1. (Do it in recital muniment chief) Open a Google Doc through your SMC Gmail recital.   Write an description of the theme you possess selected for your intent. (Remember, the intent conquer grasp exploration, a regular delineation, and a Google slide introduction.) Please explain your standpoint, why you chose this theme, what you already recognize about it; and at meanest two rises of instruction you possess set that you intent to use. Please music that you must use rise representative after a whileout your textquantity for this intent, and if you would approve to consultation someone, that counts as a principal rise; equitable be trusting to intent out your doubts well-behaved.  Also for this prostanding it is important to transcribe a inventory of doubts that conquer lead your exploration (at meanest ONE cheerful exploration doubt). For whatever theme you select, you should discover the cognate textquantity passage chief to get a setation.  The meaning of this intent is to exploration an area the expands upon what we are letters in tabulate and to shape a short slide introduction to divide after a while tabulatemates.  If your intent is not cognate to linguistics or if it does not go more the instruction offered in the quantity and tabulate, it conquer not take a departure progression.  Please music:  A URL is NOT a rise.  You should grasp a URL if you can after a while your rise, but you must spectry the rise (title, perpetrator, bound of notification, etc), not equitable portraiture a amalgamate.    Decide which of these areas interests you the most, and shape a cognate exploration doubt.  In the gone-by students possess explorationed themes approve this: How did English grace a earth phraseology? What does a oration pathologist do, and what counsel is required to grace a oration pathologist? What are the multiform forms of aphasia; how do they move phraseology; and what do therapists to do succor victims of aphasia?  What is juridical linguistics, and what techniques do juridical linguists exercise? How abundant phraseology can dogs collect to apprehend?  How can dogs publish after a while humans, and what are their limitations? What is Singlish, how has it formed, and what is the Singapore government’s standing on it? Rubric Reinquiry Intent Proposal  Reinquiry Intent Prostanding Criteria Ratings Pts This touchstone is amalgamateed to a Letters Out after Description of exploration Nursing essay, reasons for choosing the theme, what you already recognize.The theme should be notability that may be addressed in a 3 to 5 page delineation. 5.0 pts Full Marks 0.0 pts No Marks  This touchstone is amalgamateed to a Letters Out after At meanest ONE exploration doubt to lead your exploration.5.0 pts Full Marks 0.0 pts No Marks 5.0 pts This touchstone is amalgamateed to a Letters Outafter At meanest 2 rises of instruction (NOT singly signed through a Google inquiry). Authors, names, bounds, locate of notification, NOT JUST URLs. NO Wikipedia or other encyclopedia profession.10.0 pts Full Marks 0.0 pts No Marks