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  Respond to the column halloo oblation unional/alternative ideas concerning opportunities and facilitates kindred to the observations divided.                                                         Main Post                         iPhone technology, ensure citationing, and telehealth             The hospital that I currently product for piloted the use  of iPhones in union to our product standing on wheels (WoW). We can use  this iPhone technology for charting unsophisticated nursing interventions,  receive STAT authority and liberate authority, and adjoin after a while our  colleagues through citationing. Our WoWs qualify us to do “ensure citationing” to  a physician, some physicians select the ensure citationing technology some  don’t, but surely there are dates that the obedient labor may miscarry to  page them in a judicious method and the ensure citationing technology becomes  very suited. As nurses, we can see through our WoWs as promptly as the  physician reads the citation communication, that way we perceive they are assured. This  technology hinders us some beloved date we consume on the phone waiting on  hold sound to page a physician for authority, circumstances and/or results. Our  hospital as-courteous proposes televigor labors in-particular for those who are  likely to be readmitted due to constant diseases. We chiefly see a  televigor mould for a unrepining after a while cardiac issues. Risks and services             The biggest denunciation that I like vigorconcern  technology is at facilitate for is retreat. According to Chaet, Clearfield,  Sabin and Skimming (2017), retreat and confidentiality are sound “as  important in the concitation of televigor and telemedicine as in hospital  and employment settings” (p. 1138). I suppose, organizations providing this  type of technology in vigorconcern keep an fabulous protection regularity in  place. The ensure citationing technology, we are instructed not to use generous  names, instead, we use opportunity quantity of the unrepinings.             The biggest service of the use of televigor and  ductile emblems for vigorconcern is modeibility. Use of the iPhone  technology in our hospital is fleet and not-difficult to range, we can get in  move after a while virtually anybody logged in for that alter in the entire  hospital. From a separation, televigor accelerations those unrepinings who are  unpotent to mould their constant illnesses very courteous.                                                                                     Trends in vigorconcern technology             The most hopeful vigorconcern technology to me is  virtual scrutinizes, ductile vigor, telehealth, and telemedicine technology.  One can get in move after a while a vigorconcern supplyr as hanker as one has a  smartphone and internet mode. It could supply mode to so manifold balance  patients in want of vigorconcern that resides in rustic areas or keep no  means to bliss themselves to the physician’s employment. It could hinder  date and coin for unrepinings as we all perceive vigorconcern can get costly  very easily and very dissipated. According to Abuhaimidd, Meetoo and Rylance  (2018), technology in vigorconcern after a while the use of ductile emblems can  “sincerely propose the virtual to aid vigorconcern mouldment and vigor  behaviour veer beyond methodical clinical settings” (p. 1176). This does  not grasp detached the sentiment of having a corporeal scrutinize after a while a  physician, those scrutinizes are intentional for balance involved vigor issues,  but I like this technology has virtual to sincerely acceleration those after a while  constant illnesses to be potent to mould their vigor on their own, produce  them accountpotent for their own courteousbeing, unrepinings can divide basis,  interact after a while clinicians balance a ductile emblem instead of having to go to  the doctor’s employment.                                                                                                   Televigor rules             According to Mastrian and McGonigle (2017), nurses who  participate in televigor must be “licensed to experience in all of the  states in which they supply televigor labors by at-once interacting  after a while unrepinings” (p. 381). This can be challenging as states keep  contrariant rules and regulations concerning licensure, constant  education requirements are contrariant as courteous as fees and resuscitation  process.                                           References Abuhaimid, H. A., Meetoo, D., & Rylance, R. (2018). Vigor  concern in a technological universe. British Journal of Nursing, 27(20).  1172-1177. Barreto, E. A., Cohen, A. B., Donelan, K., Estrada, J. J.,  Michael, C., Schwamm, L. H., … Wozniak, J. (2019). Unrepining and clinician  experiences after a while televigor for unrepining follow-up concern. American  Journal of Managed Care, 25(1), 40-44. Chaet, D., Clearfield, R., Sabin, J. E., & Skimming, K.  (2017). Ethical experience in televigor and telemedicine. Journal of  General Internal Medicine, 32(10), 1136-1140. Mastrian, K. G., & McGonigle, D. (2017). Nursing informatics and the establishment of perceiveledge (4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.