Provide an example of how you think Hallmark might use their staffing index to evaluate hiring quality or to help hire better employees in the future. How does understanding employee performance enhance the selection process?

A Review of Two Companies Strategic Staffing can centre on seemly the nature of the living-souls who allot for exertion, as courteous as those living-souls who are in-fact remunerated into the form. It can besides centre on seemly the adoption course itself by streamlining the sundry activities concerned in own hiring. Hallmark Cards of-late familiar a recruiting metric denominated a “staffing protest.” This enables treatment to footprint how courteous newly remunerated employees are performing on the job. Evaluations are conducted aggravate opportunity, and scores are compared to glean more encircling the nature of departed hiring decisions – and plan for advenient ones. United Health Assembly unwavering to dissimilate hiring procedures amid the form by splitting job candidates into two assemblys. One assembly is high-level professionals who are recruited by inside staffing specialists, while the second assembly is staff and outoutline employees who are assumed through outsourced reinforcement. This “two-pronged” diplomacy enables the audience to hinder specie through increased guide and competency.  Provide an specimen of how you consider Hallmark jurisdiction use their staffing protest to evaluate hiring nature or to succor commission emend employees in the advenient. How does agreement employee act improve the adoption course?