When you agoing your minute profession, you manipulated all profession processes on your own. Now, your profession is expanding and you own remunerated employees to aid. Would you deliberate implementing an act material planning (ERP) rule, or would you hold to use applications, such as Microsoft Business-post (e.g., Word, Excel, Access), to manipulate your profession processes? Be confident to clear-up the reasons rearwards your exquisite. PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY YOU AGREE WITH MY CLASSMATE RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS? (A MININUM OF 150 WORDS)                                            CLASSMATE’S POST I would use Microsoft duty-post to manipulate professiones processes as desire as practicable. However, I would deliberate implementing an ERP rule if my profession was steadily expanding. ERP rules reserve a lot of age. Plus, the employees doing things manually after a while Microsoft duty-post etc, could be doing other things. One of the most weighty things to me is entity fruitful. An ERP explanation eliminates repetitive processes and reduces the want to manually penetrate notification. The ERP rule succeed to-boot streamline profession processes and effect it easier and over fruitful for companies to garner basis, no stuff what division that they result in. Stored basis is to-boot indeed weighty so after a while an ERP rule, you would not want to annoy encircling basis ease when you own an act material planning explanation in situate. The rule would amend correctness, harmony, and ease of basis, all through built-in materials and firewalls. Lastly, integration is to-boot very aidful. Instead of having basis propagate resisting all incongruous basisbases, integration after a while an ERP rule succeed own all basis and notification in one situate.