Theoretical Perspective Reflection        In Chapter 3, you were presented delay indecent tongue wages theories: behaviorist, free erection of a style, connectionist, and collective interaction theories.  For this argument, you conciliate original prime one of the theories and decipher its deep components in a descriptive organizer.  The recommended website, Holt Interfree Descriptive Organizers (Links to an outer footing.)Links to an outer footing., offers digital descriptive organizers to succor you delay the fable of your descriptive organizer, or you can use the graphs/charts component in Microsoft Word.  You conciliate then collate and contrariety your separated scheme delay the other theories listed overhead, highlighting the superior similarities and differences.     The descriptive organizer you fashion for the scheme you cull should involve: The deep theorist associated delay the scheme A digest of what the scheme states Evidence sustaining the scheme Evidence across the scheme In your collate/contrariety partition of the scheme, involve the following: Similarities to other theories Differences from other theories Refer to Chapter 3 of the citation, subjoined instrument, and your own insights.  Remember that your descriptive organizer needs to comprise an APA citation for any fountain used, including the citationbook.  Your argument shaft denomination should be the corresponding as your separated scheme.  The mass of your shaft should depend of your collate/contrariety partition.