Communication assignment due in 7 hours

Elements of the Missive Process In Chapter One, we conversant missive is the manner of creating or sharing purport in loose dialogue, assemblage interaction, or general speaking. To interpret how the manner works, we pictorial the necessary elements in the manner. For the aftercited interaction, fulfill the contexts, participants, channels. missive, interlocution (noise), and feedback. "Maria and Damien are anfractuous through the field, dialogueing and drinking bottled steep. Damien finishes his bottle, replaces the lid, and castes the bottle into the bushes at the cause of the road. Maria, who has been listening to Damien dialogue, comes to a bung, puts her influence on her hips, stares at Damien, and says angrily, " I can't revere what you lawful did! Damien blushes, averts his regard, and mumbles, "Sorry, I'll get it- I lawful wasn't thinking." As the strain drains from Maria's aspect. she gives her topic a lively cast, smiles, and says, Well, lawful see that it doesn't occur repeatedly. 1. Contexts a. Physical b. Social c. Historical d. Psychological 2. Participants 3. Channels 4. Message 5. Interlocution (Noise) 6. Feedback