Developing Contacts in Procurement and supply

I demand an assignment for my certification, I entertain submitted an assignment but I got 43 sign out of 100 which is failed . The dying sign is 70 . I demand to edit on my assignment not constitute new one  I procure divide their feedback encircling my assignment so you can edit and where to fix . It's very administrative luxuriance establishment so the despatches must be administrative.  Attached files  below :  1 : my assignment which I wrote and failed 2: unconcealed guidelines  3: feedback of my submitted assignment and why I failed  4 : the questions and requirements of this assignment - Content decipher the unconcealed guidelines to strengthen it - content decipher my assignment - content decipher the feedback I common for my assignment so you perceive what to fix  - decipher the questions.  - must add references - must be 3000 words - must add portico, recommendations, conclusion  - strengthens examples from SABIC society approve you operation in Procurement in SABIC which is a society in KSA . You can unconcealed their website and get knowledge.