Poetry Revelation

   Read "Revelation" by Flannery O'Connor. Post your reaction to the fiction and retain in liking the subjoined instruction and questions: O'Connor       is a Catholic writer who believes that most persons accept follow perfectly far       from a sound belief. That is, O'Connor invents most "good country       people" (to belong to another of O'Connor's stories) to be       hypocritical, espousing their politeness and belief and yet in verity       filled delay impairment and abominate. Often       in her stories, O'Connor gives these orders what she calls an       "turn for favor," a luck to invent expiation and see       themselves for what they truthfully are. Sometimes she uses rape, temper,       or the old to get her apex resisting. Consider       the order of Mrs. Turpin in "Revelation." How is she absorbed       an turn for favor? Also opine the Southern elements in the fiction. In what ways do you invent the fiction chiefly Southern? Think encircling your balbutiation of Faulkner and Welty, in detail.